We’ve design hundreds of high-converting coaching and wellness websites every year and while all of the pages on your website are very important, the biggest mistake we see is a neglected contact page. You know that the purpose of your website is to tell the visitors (aka potential leads) exactly what you do, how you […]


Ready for the secret formula to building an intentional, scalable and sustainable business? Is there anything scarier than staying stagnant in your business? We truly believe that if you’re not growing your business or growing as a business owner, you’re missing out on your fullest potential. It’s possible to have the business of your dreams […]


Say goodbye to the days of burnout and hello to the days of boundaries. Can we be straight-forward with you for a second? You cannot scale your business if you do not set clear boundaries.  As an agency and team of five, we all desire a well-balanced life and it’s incredibly important to our culture […]

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3 Reasons Why Showit is The Best Platform for Coaches

Marketing, Web Design

Decisions, decisions. As our world becomes more digital and entrepreneurs move their businesses online, they are faced with this question: “what website platform is best for me?” Gone are the days when WordPress was the only option. Today there are tons of options for website platforms, which can make the decision-making process overwhelming for business […]

4 Common Coaching Website Mistakes

Marketing, Web Design

Whether you absolutely love your current website or wanted to build a new one yesterday, this blog post is a must read. Even if you have the most beautiful website design and it aligns perfectly with your brand, there are still a few key features that are vital to actually converting your website’s foot traffic.  […]

4 Omnipresent Marketing Strategies that aren’t Instagram


You might not want to hear this, or agree at first, but posting on Instagram (even consistently) isn’t a marketing strategy. While I love instagram and it has allowed me to connect with all of you amazing humans, it is saturated and a total time suck. Want more clients on autopilot? Want to be a […]

What is a Submark and Why Do I Need One for My Brand?


Don’t ever underestimate the power of a submark. Your submark is a variation of your logo used when you want to have brand recognition on marketing collateral, but it’s not necessary for your primary logo to make an appearance. Most people miss out on the opportunity to build brand recognition online by not utilizing a […]

Showing Up Authentically on Instagram With Caitlin Durning

Marketing, Podcast

This week’s episode I’m interviewing Caitlin Durning of Meraki Media Management and it is so full of gems you’ll want to grab a notebook and download the episode so you can come back to it later (yeah, it’s that good)! Caitlin is the owner of Meraki Media Management, a social media management and consulting agency […]

How to Brand your instagram

How to Brand Your Instagram Feed to Stand Out Online

Marketing, Podcast

A beautiful Instagram feed is one of the keys to attracting new followers and potential clients. Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram feed that had a stylish aesthetic and thought to yourself, “Mine will never look like that!”? Don’t worry, because in today’s episode, I’m sharing 7 ways to brand your Instagram to stand […]

Easily customizable Showit website templates for modern coaches

Down to DIY?

Launch a 6-figure coaching website on a startup budget with our intentionally designed Showit website templates designed to book more clients and make an impact online.