The million-dollar question: How do I get consistent, high-quality leads for my small business on autopilot?  Let’s take an educated guess: your marketing plan is more like a collage of freebies and random advice you’ve pulled from Google, BUT, you’re ready to follow a more streamlined business strategy that consistently brings in more revenue?  How […]


Hi hi, Olivia here! I wanted to pop in here and do a little 2021 recap and share what’s in store for us in 2022. 2021 was one for the books. I started last year with the mindset of “we’re going big”… no playing small, taking risks, going all in and betting on myself and […]


Hello, 2022. You showed up earlier than expected. We might not be ready for a new year, but like it or not, it’s here!! If you haven’t started laying the foundation for your 2022 business plans, the time is now. Ideally before January 1st, but if you’re reading this at any point through the year […]

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The Best Online Platforms for Coaches and Wellness Businesses

Marketing, Web Design

We don’t just design brands and websites for health + wellness businesses, we’re on their team to help them create a seamless online businesses that books more clients online. Your website should serve as your best sales person, and after working with hundreds of coaches and wellness businesses, we have discover four of our favorite […]

5 Pillars of a High-Converting Website

Podcast, Web Design

It’s one thing to have a beautifully designed website, but if it doesn’t function properly and it doesn’t convert casual website visitors into clients, then it doesn’t matter. These five pillars to a high-converting website are tried and true, after doing hours of intense market research (everything from Facebook Polls, to Instagram Lives, to going […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Website Photos

Web Design

When you choose to DIY your website rather than hire a brand designer it can be extremely overwhelming. Once you write all of the content, pick out your fonts and then choose your color palette, you still have to choose the right photos that will capture your ideal client.  UGH, THE AGONY! If this is […]

5 Rules to Live By: Website Fonts

Web Design

Picking the right fonts for your website can be detrimental to turning viewers into readers and readers into paying clients. Although seemingly minute, fonts that are too busy, difficult to read, don’t compliment each other or don’t portray the right personality, can quickly turn away a client that might really need your services. In the […]

How to Create a Color Palette for your Website

Web Design

Color is extremely important when it comes to your brand because it is commonly what the first impression of your business is based on. Colors are not just “colors”; they convey emotion, feelings and experiences associated with your brand. When you choose the right colors that align with the personality of your business, you’re able […]

5 (crucial) Steps to Take Before Creating Your Website

Web Design

5 (crucial) Steps to Take Before Creating Your Website How many times have you gone to work on your website and you feel stuck? You don’t know what the head line should be, what content you want to put in there or what pictures should go where. You find yourself completely paralyzed, so you just […]

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