We are a boutique branding studio that supports conscious doers in aligning their purpose(s) to make massive impact.

About Current

WE USE DESIGN to help THOSE who help others MAKE AN IMPACT.

Through intentional design, creative strategies and purposeful story-telling, Current serves as a vessel that helps wellpreneurs create a life of freedom and abundance and make an impact online.


Founder, creative Director, Brand Guru & life enthusaist behind all things design here at current.

Because of our passion for self-development, belief that the universe knows the way, lover of all things movement and obsession with helping people live their happiest and healthiest lives, Current is like no other design studio out there, because we live in the wellness space with you, every single day.

Whether your wildest dreams are to host a yoga retreat in Bali, write a book, travel the world, work 10 hours/week or a shopping spree at Lululemon, Current is a space that applies the strategies to make those dreams your reality. 

We serve clients all over the world with an intention to make a positive impact on the world.

Olivia Sylvestro

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