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4 Omnipresent Marketing Strategies that aren’t Instagram


You might not want to hear this, or agree at first, but posting on Instagram (even consistently) isn’t a marketing strategy. While I love instagram and it has allowed me to connect with all of you amazing humans, it is saturated and a total time suck. Want more clients on autopilot? Want to be a thought leader in your space? Want to build authority? Here are some ideas to get leads in the pipeline that are not on instagram.

At Current Design Studio, we’ve tested different platforms and experimented with a lot of different content. We look at where our leads come from, where our clients come from and learn from those insights. We have an abundance of not only leads, but also clients because we market differently and I’m about to share how we do it! So save this blog post so you can also grow your business by using these marketing strategies.

Here are 4 omnipresent marketing strategies (that aren’t Instagram) and get you consistently in front of your ideal clients.

01. Blogging

Blogging is not dead! Blog posts keep your website relevant and rank you higher on google. You’ll reach more people and get new, organic leads by adding helpful content to your website. For extra exposure, post it to Facebook and Pinterest. You can check out all of our blog posts here!

02. Email Marketing

Send out weekly emails. Your email list is the queen! Focus on growing your email list and then start sending out emails multiple times per month. Those on your email list are already your target audience, so there’s a higher conversion rate than posting to IG and hoping something sticks.

Pro tip: be sure to serve this audience with quality, free content, but also don’t be afraid to include your offerings and push what you’re selling!

03. Establish Referral Partnerships

Referrals are the number one way to get consistent leads coming in the door from trusted sources. Establish a referral program and introduce it to trusted partners. Instagram is a great way to find these partners & people to collaborate with, but make sure you take that extra step to connect with them & take your relationship to the next level.

04. Pitch to be on Podcasts

People are always looking for guests to be on their podcasts(🙋🏼‍♀️), so reach out if you feel like you’re a good fit for their audience. This is incredible exposure for you and also gives you the opportunity to build authority and credibility in front of new people.

These are all out-of-the-box (not Instagram, or even social media!) strategies that can help you market your business. The goal is to be OMNIPRESENT. No matter where someone is online, you are there too. Do you have any marketing strategies like this that have worked for you? Connected you to clients or customers? Helped you grow in unexpected ways? We’d love to hear about your strategies as well! You can comment on the blog post below!

August 6, 2021

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