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5 Signs You Might Need New Brand Photos


Our mission is to help impact-driven businesses and coaches over the world better understand the power of branding and how to spread their impact. With that mission, we are always sharing quick and actionable tips you can implement TODAY in your business to attract more clients and increase your revenue; this blog post is no exception.

Branding is so much more than a logo. It is taking your goals, messaging, core values and more and translating all of it into visuals that tell a story and connects with your ideal clients so you are THE only option for them in your service. Photos play a huge role telling that story and bringing your personality out that differentiates you from your competitors.

Lately we’ve been working with our clients and photographers to create style guides that work with their branding to tie everything together even more (which is a service we are LOVING). The best thing about photos is that they can be used across so many different platforms like your website, social media, blogs, podcast, Youtube… so just one brand shoot can give you content for months (plus it’s fun!).

If you’ve been wondering if it’s time to get new photos, then this blog post will hopefully help guide you in making that decision.

5 Signs You Might Need New Brand Photos…

01. Your brand photos are outdated. 

Brand photos are not a one-and-done thing. You inevitably change over time and if you look different in your website photos than you do over zoom it’s time to schedule a new photoshoot. 

02. Your brand photos are too bland.   

Your imagery should ignite a specific feeling. If you’re a friendly, carefree brand then your photos should make people feel that way. If you’re a sleek, professional brand then your photos should spark a totally different feeling. Whatever brand words are, that’s what your photos should provoke. 

03. Your brand photos don’t showcase your product or services. . 

Brand photos (or videos) are the best way to communicate to your audience exactly what you do and why you are unique. All your photos should not be posed or be professional headshots. They should reflect your company’s uniqueness, the personalities behind the brand and also paint a picture of what you do as an individual/team.

04. Your brand photos don’t align with where you’re going. 

We intentionally build brands that will grow with our clients’ business and attract their future dream customers. Your photos should do the same! For example, if you want to attract a more luxury level client (instead of the budget conscious client), your branding and brand photos should simultaneously align with the vision of where you’d like your company to go. 

05. Your photographer was your sister or friend. 

Aka not a professional photographer. It’s time to get new brand photos if you didn’t invest in a professional photographer the first time (or ever). Peep back to number 4. In addition, you should choose a photographer that specializes in the style of photography you need (lifestyle photography, product photography, etc). 

Bonus Tip: 

If your budget allows, also invest in branded video for your website and socials. This year we’ve had quite a few clients with brand video and it’s been so fun to experiment with incorporating these videos into their websites. We’ve found that video helps boost engagement, keeping people on your site longer and also showcases the brand’s personality through an interactive experience. 

If any of the above statements apply to you then it’s time to update those brand photos! Check out the blog post How to Plan a Brand Photoshoot for more insight on how to capture the best brand photos this time around. One of the many perks our clients receive is a photography style guide and shot list as part of their custom branding package. If you’re ready to not only upgrade your brand photos, but your branding altogether we’d love to work with you! Fill out our contact form here.

June 3, 2022

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