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How to Consistently Book Ideal Clients


The million-dollar question: How do I get consistent, high-quality leads for my small business on autopilot? 

Let’s take an educated guess: your marketing plan is more like a collage of freebies and random advice you’ve pulled from Google, BUT, you’re ready to follow a more streamlined business strategy that consistently brings in more revenue? 

How are we doing? 

We would love to tell you that you could rub the genie’s belly and clients will come knocking on your door, but if it were that easy, then everyone would be an entrepreneur (spoiler alert: it’s not that easy). 

Over the years of being a leading design agency, we have learned the key components to consistently booking “hell yes” clients, and in this blog post, we’re sharing our secrets. 

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01 // Build Strong Relationships

This is an important step for both on and off social media (yes, like in-person relationship building!). If you’re on Instagram, we want you to actually GET SOCIAL on social media and build relationships with your audience. Get to know them, do collaborations, engage with their content and become online besties. Doing this will not only make you more relatable, but also build referral opportunities with your audience as you would with networking opportunities. 

With brings us to the next point of building strong relationships – networking. Rooting yourself within your local community and attending in-person events is a tried and true way to build long-term relationships and bring in referrals overtime. Building relationships takes time and you won’t see the ROI immediately, however if you commit to one event per month and engaging with your community daily, you’ll see results within a few months and for years to come.

02 // Establish Yourself as an Authority

Are you a credible source? Have you built trust with your audience? Are you an expert in your field? A few ways to establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry or niche is by finding PR/media opportunities, participating in guest speaking engagements, and booking yourself on podcasts. Make yourself known & build credibility consistently!

03 // Consistent Content Creation

You want consistent leads? You have to be consistent yourself. Create a marketing strategy that holds you accountable on the platforms where your  business lives (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc). Wherever you are creating content to share your work, services, and connections, be sure to do it consistently. If you have an email list, be consistent with your email marketing. If you have a podcast, be consistent with recording and publishing new podcasts. Show up for your audience and engage with them so they know you are approachable.

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January 14, 2022