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3 Reasons to Book a Design Project in Advance


What’s that saying – “if you’re not early, you’re late”? This is likely something your parents said to you as you were rushing around the house getting ready for high school, and now that you’re a functioning adult in society you can (annoyingly) hear this echoing in the back of your mind on a daily basis.

The latest social media trend? The pitch to a client? Getting started on a new money-making project? As a business owner, we know it’s especially important for you to be prepared and ready for anything that comes your way. Including your brand and website design project.

From inception to launch, there is a lot that goes into a brand and website design project and more times than not, by the time you’re “ready” to start the project you needed to contact us about two months earlier. We hear clients say all the time “I wish I’d reached out sooner” because the second we give them clarity and essential information about our process, there are a lot of things that need to happen (photography, copywriting, questionnaires, we’re booked).

We don’t want you to be labeled as a procrastinating boss, so if a new brand and website are in your forecast for this year, then consider these three reasons to why you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a design agency.

3 reasons why you should contact a design agency in advance:

01. We can’t start your project tomorrow

We’ll say it again, we can’t start your project tomorrow. Our projects typically take anywhere from two to four months to complete depending on the scope of work and the amount of clients we take on at that time. So, by the time you even book a discovery call with us, we are probably already at capacity and will need a minimum of two weeks (typically more like one month) to fit you into our schedule.This is why we book up so quickly! If you have any interest in brand design and website design services for the upcoming year, it’s better to contact us today and let us know your ideal timeframe. Spring 2022 or Fall 2022? It’s never too early. The sooner we know your ideal project timeline, the better we can prepare for you and reserve your spot.

02. Get access to our team early

Gathering all of your content for your project is overwhelming. We know, because after years of working with hundreds of brands in the wellness space, that is the feedback we get from our clients. So, in order to take off that load, we’ve created our client process to be as helpful and simple as possible. When you book with us, whether it’s in one month or six months, you instantly get your custom client portal that has everything you need to get done with your project, video walkthroughs of it and access to our team to ask questions. We’ll help with things like finding a photography, guiding you through your questionnaires and preparing you for your project. So when you reach out to us a few months in advance, you don’t have to have all of your content together because we’ll guide you through it ALL – seriously! We truly are there with you from inception to launch making the project go as smoothly as possible for you.

03. Book with the existing investment amount

The longer you wait to contact us, the chances of you booking with us become smaller and the investment can sometimes increase. We typically increase our prices two to three times per year, so if you reach out in February to get a quote but don’t book with us, and then reach out in August, the chances are that the quote you go in February has now increased.

Motivated to chat? Release any fear or hesitation. Instead of contemplating it over and over and clicking through our portfolio for the 18th time (we know you have), let’s set up a call! With our free discovery call we just get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit – no strings attached.

January 28, 2022

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