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Easily customizable Showit website templates for modern coaches


We’ve design hundreds of high-converting coaching and wellness websites every year and while all of the pages on your website are very important, the biggest mistake we see is a neglected contact page. You know that the purpose of your website is to tell the visitors (aka potential leads) exactly what you do, how you […]


Ready for the secret formula to building an intentional, scalable and sustainable business? Is there anything scarier than staying stagnant in your business? We truly believe that if you’re not growing your business or growing as a business owner, you’re missing out on your fullest potential. It’s possible to have the business of your dreams […]


Say goodbye to the days of burnout and hello to the days of boundaries. Can we be straight-forward with you for a second? You cannot scale your business if you do not set clear boundaries.  As an agency and team of five, we all desire a well-balanced life and it’s incredibly important to our culture […]

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Building A Team


In the last year we’ve gone from a team of 2 to a team of 4 soon to be 5 with most of that growth being in the last 6 months – so I know a thing or two about building a team and I want to share everything I’ve learned in helping you to […]

Increasing Your Prices


Here’s the thing, you’re the expert. Clients are coming to you because you are an expert in what you do and they cannot produce the same outcome on their own – so charge accordingly. As you continue working with clients, your process, skills, team and everything you’re doing is being refined and you will be […]

Embodying Your Next-Level Self in Business + Life


I’m going a little Amanda Frances on ya today and sharing an audio snippet from one of our Designed to Scale mastermind calls that’s all about embodying your next-level self in business + life. Something we’re constantly growing towards in this group are the mindset shifts + energy elevations you have to make as you […]

How to Make Every Inquiry a “Hell Yes” Client


You know that feeling when you get off a discovery call and that client just “felt right”? You chatted easily and are both as equally as excited to work with each other – we love those clients and there’s no reason that every single discovery call shouldn’t be just like that. I believe that no […]

The Importance of Defining Your Nich‪e‬


Want to stop getting on discovery calls with people who think you’re too expensive and actually work with clients who hurl their credit cards at you? I’ve got ya. When your brand is misaligned you can feel like… 👉🏼You’re getting on discovery calls with less-than-ideal clients. 👉🏼Your content is more “inspirational” than high-converting 👉🏼You’re confused […]

High-level Mindset Shifts, Manifesting a dream home + business strategies with Jill Wise


Jill Wise is a Brand Strategist, copywriter, business advisor + fellow wine lover who believes everyone should wake up every day doing what they love. In this episode we chat about mindset shifts + practices for high-level entrepreneurs, internal business strategies that helped her go from freelancer to business owner + productivity hacks to focus […]

Easily customizable Showit website templates for modern coaches

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Launch a 6-figure coaching website on a startup budget with our intentionally designed Showit website templates designed to book more clients and make an impact online.