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Showing Up Authentically on Instagram With Caitlin Durning


This week’s episode I’m interviewing Caitlin Durning of Meraki Media Management and it is so full of gems you’ll want to grab a notebook and download the episode so you can come back to it later (yeah, it’s that good)!

Caitlin is the owner of Meraki Media Management, a social media management and consulting agency dedicated to giving you the tools and confidence you need to succeed online. She is a wealth of knowledge, super engaging herself and is truly in the business of making instagram a more authentic place. 

We’re chatting:

  • How Instagram is an ego-boosting platform & what to do about it
  • Working with the algorithm and showing up authentically
  • Time-management on Instagram & how to create healthy boundaries 
  • Mental health and social media

In this episode, I pick Caitlin’s brain about all things instagram – we talk the dreaded algorithm, content that engages your ideal client, hashtags 101 and mental health online. Once you tune in, be sure to let me know what you think either on Instagram or in the comments of this blog post!


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October 28, 2020