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4 Templates for Designers to Level-Up Your Client Experience


Hey designer, do you feel confident about your work but struggle with the technical side of running your business? Think: the systems and processes of working with a client, presenting proposals, staying organized throughout the project, communicating efficiently with your clients. 

We have just the tools for you!

These four Design Process Templates will establish you as an expert to your clients and help you maintain a higher retention rate. 

We can’t wait to hear how these resources drastically change your client experience and ultimately help you scale your business. 

01. Project Proposal Template

This is a 14-page InDesign template to present your custom design projects to potential clients in a professional way. It’s the exact same template we use to secure clients who pay 15k+ for their brand and website design project, including a services overview, estimated timelines, investment breakdown, and payment plan options. This will explain to potential clients your unique process, what it’s like to work with you, your credibility via social proof and portfolio pieces, and frequently asked questions to minimize potentially confusing back and forth communications.

02. Brand Presentation Template

The goal of this 17-page InDesign template is to intentionally present logo concepts to clients clearly and backed with strategy. This template will help your client to visualize the design. It includes a primary, secondary, and sumbark display with fill-in-the-blank prompts, a color palette, typography and font hierarchy displays, and a moodboard display with explanations setting the foundation for creative direction. It also comes with different layouts to display mockups, brand concept, and website wireframe.

03. Project Timeline Template

This template is a must-have for avoiding scope creeps. It establishes boundaries and expectations with clients to ensure  a smoother process. These three customizable project timelines for branding, website, and collateral will establish a more profitable design experience. Each timeline includes verbiage that is firm, yet nicely explains deliverable dates for a great design experience for your clients AND you. Say goodbye to the days where projects dragged on for far too long and clients didn’t respect your boundaries.

04. Brand Strategy Template

Ready to minimize revisions and impress clients with a solid brand strategy? This 17-page InDesign template will ensure that you and your client are aligned on visual direction for the brand. It has four main sections and several subsections that guide you on what to include, how to help guide your client with photos (a fun bonus to offer!), and a target audience overview with plug and play audience profiles. It even gives you easy-to-follow prompts and fill-in-the-blanks you can customize for each client. 

This is literally everything you need to level-up your client process, scale your business, and optimize your client journey. 

In order to truly create a luxury client experience you must have the organizational tools and templates that will impress your current clients AND your future ones. We know these templates work because we designed them with the client in mind and received raving reviews about our process. 

Ready to make the investment? Shop all templates here.

February 25, 2022

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