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What Website Platform Is Right For Me?


Are you overwhelmed at the thought of deciding which website platform is right for you and your business? Lucky for you, over the years I’ve built websites on many different platforms and I’m going to break down the top website platforms and the pros and cons for each.

Get ready for the nitty gritty on WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Showit, and Kajabi, how to prepare for your research, and the biggest, most common mistakes I see people make when they pick a website platform.

**Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links. I only recommend products I have used and highly recommend!

The Good, the Bad & the Woo-Woo

The Good: I am getting super into content creation! I’m excited to share two free trainings in April that will help your business grow.

The Bad: With the situation at hand, I’m trying to lean into a high vibration. I feel hopeful, but it’s been difficult riding the energy wave of being inside all day, every day. As an extreme extrovert, this has been a new challenge.

The Woo-Woo: I’m doing a 30 day meditation and red light therapy challenge. My goal is to track it all and see if I notice any changes. I’m tracking my meditations through the app Headspace and aiming for 15 minutes each morning.

The Research Phase:

Is it possible that your website isn’t carrying you where you want to go? Maybe your current website no longer represents the business that you have now.

You don’t want to go with the platform that’s the cheapest – you want to pick the one that’s going to work for you.

Make sure the platform has a viable contact page.

Will this platform accept payments?

Be aware of the future services you want to offer. Will your website platform grow with you?

These are some of the key considerations I think about when deciding which platform is best for myself or a client.

My thoughts on the 5 most popular website platforms for coaches and wellness businesses:

Before we dive in, a quick disclaimer: I have built websites on all 5 of these platforms. Though I do have a clear favorite, what I’m about to share is coming from my experience and ultimately you’ll need to do the research to determine which platform is right for you.


Wix is an easy, affordable DIY platform that many people initially start on. It is my least favorite website platform. Why? It may initially support you today, but its functionality is not going to support you down the road. The biggest red flag with Wix is that it doesn’t offer good search engine optimization. The load time on Wix websites is super long and that will bring down your SEO


For the longest time, WordPress stood out as being a top website builder. Yes, it’s great for blogging, plug-ins, and SEO, but WordPress is not user-friendly or intuitive. More than likely if you build a website on WordPress, you’ll need to hire someone to do ongoing maintenance on it which can get expensive. You can absolutely design a beautiful website on WordPress, but more often than not, you’ll have to hire somebody.


SquareSpace is a great platform, especially if you host events or have an ecommerce shop with minimal options. There’s also email marketing and Instagram integration. Where I struggle with SquareSpace is that it can be difficult to establish full creative control. If you want to change out a font or add a design element, it can be a little more difficult.


Over the last 6-8 months, I’ve been introduced to Kajabi and been pleasantly surprised – it’s a phenomenal website platform. There is limited creative control and it’s expensive, but I’ve been able to get creative and add my own designer touches to it.

Bottom line? Kajabi is amazing for online courses, funnels, membership, and all things digital.

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Showit has been around for a few years and it’s my absolute favorite platform to design on. If you can dream it, it can happen.

It’s drag and drop, plug and play, plug-in friendly, and amazingly creative. As a designer who likes to build unique, standout websites for coaches and wellness professionals, this is the best platform. 

Another huge plus is that Showit uses WordPress for blogging, so you get both the creative ability and the SEO icing on the cake. Not only that, you can completely customize the mobile experience of the website.


“Showit is a website builder where… if you can dream it, it can happen.”


Headspace Meditation App

Acuity Scheduling



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