We’ve design hundreds of high-converting coaching and wellness websites every year and while all of the pages on your website are very important, the biggest mistake we see is a neglected contact page. You know that the purpose of your website is to tell the visitors (aka potential leads) exactly what you do, how you […]


Ready for the secret formula to building an intentional, scalable and sustainable business? Is there anything scarier than staying stagnant in your business? We truly believe that if you’re not growing your business or growing as a business owner, you’re missing out on your fullest potential. It’s possible to have the business of your dreams […]


Say goodbye to the days of burnout and hello to the days of boundaries. Can we be straight-forward with you for a second? You cannot scale your business if you do not set clear boundaries.  As an agency and team of five, we all desire a well-balanced life and it’s incredibly important to our culture […]

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Custom Brand Design for Hive Wellness


We are so excited to showcase this brand design for Health Enthusiast, Michelle Rigsby. Current Design Studio specializes in brand and website design for wellness entrepreneurs so Hive Wellness was a perfect client match! Michelle is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, health coach and offers a variety of incredible services. “Helping busy bees increase their […]

Trendy vs. Timeless Design: Which One Are You?


Let’s be real, everyone on the internet these days has “shiny object syndrome”, meaning anytime you see something new and exciting you want, no NEED, it for your business. And while we’re all about inspiration and appreciating a beautiful design trend, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your business. You see, there’s a […]

Showit Website Template Customer Showcase: Three23 Therapy

Template Shop

We are so excited to showcase one of our template shop customers: Emily Reid, owner of Three23 Therapy. Emily is an occupational therapist that provides strictly telehealth therapy services to children with Tic disorder, Tourette Syndrome, and Child Anxiety. Emily recently transformed her website by purchasing Current’s Wren Ayla Showit Website Template. She was looking […]

Living Outside of the Box with Brittany Tucker


In my opinion, the most common characteristic of entrepreneurs is their drive to pave their own path. We saw the box that society had made for us and were like “nah, i’m good” and literally MADE our own life out of passion and a drive for life. And this is what I’m chatting about today […]

How to Accomplish Balance in Busy Seasons


“I don’t wear ‘I’m Busy’ line a badge of honor, it’s just how I choose to live my life”⁣ My dear friend, Chanel Sonego,  said this quote in our Designed to Scale Mastermind call the other day and since then, I’ve been noticing my “busy” habits and hearing Chanel’s words echo in my head. ⁣ […]

Building A Team


In the last year we’ve gone from a team of 2 to a team of 4 soon to be 5 with most of that growth being in the last 6 months – so I know a thing or two about building a team and I want to share everything I’ve learned in helping you to […]