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Trendy vs. Timeless Design: Which One Are You?


Let’s be real, everyone on the internet these days has “shiny object syndrome”, meaning anytime you see something new and exciting you want, no NEED, it for your business. And while we’re all about inspiration and appreciating a beautiful design trend, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your business.

You see, there’s a difference between trendy and timeless design and in our opinion, you want to be the timeless end of things. Why? Because if you’re constantly changing your ideas and adding new things to your brand, you’re loosing the most important part of branding: consistency.

Brand = consistency = recognition = trust = sales

See what I mean? What we recommend doing is if you see something new and exciting that catches your eye, sit on it for a little bit. Does it make sense for you business? Does it connect with your ideal clients? Will you even like this in a few months? If you can answer those questions, then you can reach out to a professional designer to help align what you’re looking for into visuals that work for your brand.

Here’s the difference between trendy and timeless design.

Timeless design…

is rooted in strategy and collaborative creation. A timeless design takes into consideration your long-term business goals, has a deep understanding of your audience and is fueled by strategically positioning your brand in the market. A timeless design is sleek, minimal and evokes emotion through simple creativity.

Trendy design…

looks like everything else that is out there and was not created with a strategic foundation in place. Typically trendy designs are busy, confusing and stem from fear of “just getting something out there” in order to be relevant.

Where do you want to stand on the line of design?

Here at Current, we believe in fresh design, intuitive functionality and connection, to ensure our clients thrive online now and in the future. Want to build a brand that’s relevant and grows with you over the years? Let’s work together.

If you’re looking to create a timeless brand and want to learn more about Current Design Studio’s services click here. Currently booking for Oct/Nov 2021.

If you’re a designer looking for more timeless design inspiration follow us on Pinterest here!

July 9, 2021

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