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Embodying Your Next-Level Self in Business + Life


I’m going a little Amanda Frances on ya today and sharing an audio snippet from one of our Designed to Scale mastermind calls that’s all about embodying your next-level self in business + life. Something we’re constantly growing towards in this group are the mindset shifts + energy elevations you have to make as you scale your business past multi-six figures + in this lesson I’m walking through a practice to do every day that will help you fully embody this. Scaling a business is not just about numbers + sales + as you grow into the multi-six figures + beyond, the energy + mindset work becomes just as important as the systems you’re implementing, so I’m excited to share with you a little taste of what this looks like.

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  • Reframing your thoughts for a mindset shift
  • How to change your habits and energetic vibrations to reach your goals
  • Review a practice called CTFAR
  • What it looks like to embody your future lifestyle
  • Why gratitude practice is so important

March 17, 2021