Jill Wise is a Brand Strategist, copywriter, business advisor + fellow wine lover who believes everyone should wake up every day doing what they love. In this episode we chat about mindset shifts + practices for high-level entrepreneurs, internal business strategies that helped her go from freelancer to business owner + productivity hacks to focus on scaling your business. We also chat about why and how Jill will retire her husband (a topic I love to chat about) and how she manifested her dream home. This interview is probably one of my favorites to date and I think it will be yours too.

Listen to the episode now:

We’re chatting:

  • Jill’s journey of entrepreneurship from the early days to now
  • The truth about fear and limiting beliefs
  • How to have high daily productivity through Jill’s routines and disciplines
  • Strategies to scale your business and advice for anyone who is just starting out

High-level Mindset Shifts, Manifesting a dream home + business strategies with Jill Wise

February 26, 2021


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