We’ve design hundreds of high-converting coaching and wellness websites every year and while all of the pages on your website are very important, the biggest mistake we see is a neglected contact page. You know that the purpose of your website is to tell the visitors (aka potential leads) exactly what you do, how you […]


Ready for the secret formula to building an intentional, scalable and sustainable business? Is there anything scarier than staying stagnant in your business? We truly believe that if you’re not growing your business or growing as a business owner, you’re missing out on your fullest potential. It’s possible to have the business of your dreams […]


Say goodbye to the days of burnout and hello to the days of boundaries. Can we be straight-forward with you for a second? You cannot scale your business if you do not set clear boundaries.  As an agency and team of five, we all desire a well-balanced life and it’s incredibly important to our culture […]

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How to Create a Moodboard and Color Palette for Your Business

Branding, Podcast

Inspirational mood boards and color palettes are everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. You might think, “These are so pretty. I want one for my business!” In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about why you need a moodboard for your business, the resources I use to create moodboards and color palettes, and how to leverage […]

9 Unique Coaching Websites for Inspiration

Coaching websites for Inspiration

Branding, Web Design

At Current Design Studio we’ve had the opportunity to work with countless of Coaches and Wellness Businesses in helping them bring their vision for their businesses to life! Typically when clients come to work with us they are feeling that their current brand is misaligned with their purpose and mission and that it’s not conveying […]

Easily customizable Showit website templates for modern coaches

Down to DIY?

Launch a 6-figure coaching website on a startup budget with our intentionally designed Showit website templates designed to book more clients and make an impact online.