6 Steps to Build a Luxury Coaching Brand


So you’ve started your coaching business and now you’re wondering how to position yourself as the expert in your specific coaching space. Maybe you’re a spiritual coach, a gut health coach, career coach, what have you, and you’re feeling confident in your craft, but how do you really become a premium, luxury coach?

A luxury coaching brand is someone who positions themselves as the expert in their space by sharing their knowledge, their story, their client’s transformations and truly creates a luxury experience for their clients that keeps them coming back for more support and tells all their friends about you.

Sound too good to be true? As a brand and website designer specifically for coaches and wellness businesses, my team and I have helped dozens of coaches build luxury brands that charge multi 5-figures for their programs and make an impact through high-touch client experiences. In this blog post, I’m sharing the 6 steps our clients take to build a luxury brand that you can follow too.

1. Know your target audience

I say this in pretty much everything that I talk about in branding, but it truly is the foundation for your business. Everything you do for your business revolves around your ideal client, so if you’re not sure exactly who that is, then this is your first step!

Knowing your target audience allows you to speak directly to them, and connect with them through every Instagram, LinkedIn, podcast and blog post. It also allows you to know where to spend your marketing efforts. For example, if you’re working with C-Suite Executives, you’re most likely to connect with them on LinkedIn or in a BNI/local networking group rather than Instagram.

2. Create offerings that transform

It’s great to know your story and transformation, but what your community really wants to know is the transformation that can happen for them. Once you’ve established your target audience and feel like you know them like your bff, you can create programs that are made specifically for them.

As far as a luxury brand is concerned, you’ll want to create a high-touch point and intimate program that nurtures and makes your clients feel understood. By doing this, your clients receive amazing results because you’ve worked so closely with them and they also are more likely to refer you when they’ve received amazing results.

3. Beautiful, consistent visuals

It’s no secret that beautiful branding is the key to connecting with your ideal clients and positioning yourself as a luxury coaching brand. I would have put this first, but it’s definitely very important to know your ideal client and your services first!

Your branding is the first thing people see when they come into contact with your brand. It’s what connects the two of you and gets them to read your blog post, listen to your podcast or read your Instagram post. If your branding is all over the place (AKA you use a new Canva template for everything), you’re not creating recognition and you’re certainty not looking professional.

Even if you’ve graduated from an accredited coaching school, if your branding is below par, your clients will not be paying premium prices.

4. White glove client experience

Your client experience goes along with the programs you have, but is more about the actual process vs. what is included in the program. White glove refers to the premium aspect of the luxury brand where you offer exclusive touch points your clients wouldn’t get in other programs, having you stand out amongst competitors.

Some white glove client experience ideas: new client welcome box or card, private Slack channel or Facebook group, extra 1:1 call, in-person retreat, wrap up celebration box.

5. Develop an informative website

Positioning yourself as the expert is easy when you actually are the expert! I recommend writing blog posts at least twice a month, sharing any knowledge you might have that can give a “quick win” to potential clients. Share these posts on Pinterest, via email and on your social networks to get more eyeballs on it. and be consistent! If your audience knows you have a great blog, make sure you’re always sharing to it so they know what to expect.

I also recommend on your website sharing social proof like client testimonials, videos and any press you’ve been featured in. Anything here that will leverage you above your competitors and appeal to the ideal client.

6. Invest in your business

If you want a luxury coaching brand, then you’re going to have to invest to make that happen. Invest in working with a brand designer, a website designer, a copywriter, a marketing expert to help you position yourself in this space. If you want people to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself first!

November 6, 2020

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