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Is your coaching business ready for a rebrand?


When you first set out on your coaching business venture, you were sitting in your small home office (maybe the kitchen table?), working into the wee hours of the night hoping to just get one client you can help to change their life. You friend that took a graphic design class in college made you a “logo”, you picked a color palette off of Pinterest that “sorta goes” and your website, well… that’s a whole other issue. When you first start your business, none of this really matters and the bootstrapped online presence was okay then, but a lot has changed since then.

The outcome of those long hustling hours is a flourishing business where you get to work with your dream clients and make an impact every day – you and your business are in true alignment… well sorta.

Your current brand hasn’t grown with you over these years of improvement and you feel that it’s starting to hold you back. Maybe it’s even deterring your dream clients from working with you because it doesn’t align with their values for what they’re looking for in an online coach. You’re considering a rebrand, but you’re not so sure if that’s the next best step for your business.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t freak out! You are not alone and I’m lucky enough to have helped dozens of online coaches create brands that align with the values, convert to sales and attract their ideal clients, so I want to help you decide if a rebrand is the best next step for you and your business.

In this article I’ll be sharing 5 signs it might be time for a rebrand and the next best step for you to take!

Sign#1 You’re shifting the direction of your business

Are you changing the way you market to your client? Are you changing your business name? Is your marketing messaging shifting a little bit? Have you increased your prices? After being in business for a few years, it is super common to evolve and hone in your niche over time because we learn so much! If you’re shifting the direction of your business, this could definitely mean it’s time for a rebrand because you want to have a brand that properly encompasses everything that your brand is AND take you to where you want to go.

Sign #2 It no longer reflects your vision

A brand is not just a logo and when you work with a brand designer, there is a lot of inner work and strategy that you will do before you even start to design your logo. This is because a brand is designed from the inside out to encompass not only your vision for your business, but your ideal clients as well.

When someone first comes into contact with your brand, you want them to feel connected to your values and purpose by reflecting everything they want in a coach as well. If you have a logo that doesn’t reflect your vision, then what makes you think it will do that for your ideal client?

Curious about what it would be like to work with a brand designer? Read about my Step by Step Design Process

#3 You’re embarrassed to hand out your business cards or website

Ah! I see this so often and it makes my heart hurt. It doesn’t cut it anymore to have an okay website because most business is done online. Your website should serve as your best sales person (AKA you!) and should be somewhere you can send people after you meet them to validate your expertise.

If you’re like… uhm NO, I will never send someone to my website then it’s probably time for a rebrand! Nowadays, especially if you’re an online coach, your website should be the home base for every single thing you do in your business and should be a sanctuary your ideal clients can go to for help.

#4 You’re not attracting your ideal client

Everything you do in your business should be for your ideal client. Your messaging, blog posts, instagram posts, emails… EVERYTHING should be directed to who your ideal client is. But are you not super excited about the clients you’re getting? This could be directly correlated to your brand and the subtle vibes it’s giving off to your ideal client.

If you are a health coach selling a high ticket offer ($2,000+), then a $30 logo from Etsy just isn’t going to cut it. Someone that is investing their time and money into you, wants to know that you’ve done the research and know exactly what it is that they need from you and the right branding will help you portray that.

#5 You just plain don’t like it

Do you look at your logo & wince? Can you only look at your website with one eye open?

Your business is your baby and if you can hardly look at your baby, something’s gotta change (bad analogy?). If you aren’t obsessed with your brand, like I mean how Ross is obsessed with Rachel OBSESSED, then it’s time for a rebrand. Your business should be something you’re so so proud of and can show off to the world, but if you don’t love it, who will?

Your brand is the “face” of your business (besides you). It reflects who you are, what you do, the types of clients you work with, your impact in the universe and it should be something you want to flaunt all over the place.


April 15, 2018

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