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How to Stay “On-Brand” All the Time


With all of the different platforms out there, it can be super overwhelming to ensure you’re always on-brand in your business. Especially when you start bringing in different team members like podcast managers, virtual assistants, social media managers, etc. you risk something being a little off.

In this blog post, I’m sharing 4 easy ways to stay “on-brand” all the time that you can start doing today!

But first, the why

Before I go into these 4 steps, I want to get into WHY you should even want to stay “on-brand”. When you are constantly on-brand you are creating recognition across every platform and becoming omnipresent. What this means is that when someone from your audience goes to Instagram, Facebook, blog or podcast, they know what to expect and can count on you to deliver what they’re looking for.

Consistency = Trust = Sales

The more they come into contact with your brand and see what you have to offer, they trust in you and turn into a high-paying client. It also shows your professionalism and that you are committed to the work you are doing and making a difference. So much of the online space right now is saturated, and audiences are sticking to the people they know. Build that trust through consistency with them!

I recorded a whole podcast episode on Behind the Design about The Value of Branding that you can listen to here.

Now, the how

Here are 4 easy ways to stay “on-brand” all the time and build trust with your audience.

1.Set the tone (of voice).

Establish how you are going to communicate with your audience to build this trust. Will you be more casual using verbiage you would use with your friends or do you want to establish yourself more professionally and speak with an educational tone. It’s important to establish this so that your audience and clients know what kind of vibe do get from you and how they can relate to you. Before establishing this, make sure you know exactly who your ideal client is and what connection they hope to make with you.

2.Infuse Your Brand With Personality

Who is more “on-brand” than the person that’s actually behind the brand right!? You’ll do this with your tone of voice and then through your messaging, sharing your story and creating connection with your audience. For example, Jenna Kutcher’s “thing” is that she loves mac n’ cheese. By sharing that one fun tidbit, you personify your brand and make it relatable to your ideal client.

This is especially important for coaches because your clients want to know you’re relatable when you’re helping them transform their lives! Are you a mom of 4 and you drink wine when the kids go to bed? Do you love to travel on your free time? Do you prefer botanical coffee over regular coffee?

Whatever your “thing” is, don’t be afraid to share!

3.Create brand guides

Oh brand guides, my absolute favorite part of our branding process. To be honest, the reason why I evolved into a brand designer is because I’m a perfectionist about everything being consistent (I’m obsessed). It’s why we don’t create “just logos” and equip clients will full brand suites because it’s literally the life blood of your business.

Okay, rant over. Here’s how you make a brand guide. If you work with a brand designer, they should provide you with a brand guide that has fonts for you to use, when to use certain logos and the color codes. If you’re going to DIY, create a PDF of fonts and colors that you’ll use and then use it over and over again. Do not ever use different colors, do not ever use different fonts, even if you see a shiny new template in Canva.

4.Develop Templates

Now that you have your brand guides, create templates in Canva or Adobe (whatever you use) for posts that you create often. This way, when you go to post a new podcast episode, blog post, or Instagram post you have something that’s already set up for you and you can ensure you’re on-brand! We started creating these for clients and it has been so amazing seeing them stay on-brand on every platform!

November 13, 2020

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