As most of you guys know, the last few months of my personal life have been an absolute whirlwind ( if you don’t know, go listen to the last few episodes where I spill the tea). 

With this, I took a month off of podcasting so I can get grounded & come back with the best advice, mini-trainings, and woo-woeness to help you design & scale your biz. 

So here we are – season 2. When I started podcasting, I didn’t ever think that I would have seasons, but ya know, entrepreneurship has it’s ways of throwing things at you…

ANYWAY, launching this Season Two with T-W-O episodes ready for you to listen to! 

Episode 37: Life Update & How to Balance Life & Entrepreneurship During Uncertain Times

Episode 38: My Top Resources and Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using


Of course, there’s so good, bad & woo-woo, along with some Olivia randomness, because without it, would it even be #behindthedesign? 

Season T-W-O: Behind the Design

September 30, 2020


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