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6 Business Investment Do’s and Don’ts


We invest in a lot of things that we directly correlate to our business growth. Over the years we’ve invested THOUSANDS (like more than $30,000)  into business mentorship, courses, online programs, workshops, traininings, books, podcasts, audio books and more.

We know…that’s A LOT of money for any business owner, but here’s the thing: we have zero regrets because it was a smart investment

Investing in your business can be  intimidating and is something we take very seriously, whether we’re the ones investing in ourselves or our clients are investing in us. 

Making an investment is like making a promise to yourself, to growth, and to the bigger impact you see in the future of your life and business. It’s a small gesture saying, “Hey, I believe in you.Let’s really do this thing”. 

Smart investments can change the game.

We don’t share these numbers as if it’s no big deal, but to offer some insight on how to make well-informed investments that you know deep down will change the game for you. In our experience, when we break down the numbers and add the ROI, the investments we’ve made will have doubled themselves by the end of this year, and that’s something we absolutely cannot deny.

Thinking ahead…

Our CEO, Olivia Austin, makes well-informed decisions by asking herself: What will my business and life be like in 1 year if we keep doing things the same? This question can put everything into perspective,  including how the biggest thing that holds us all back is most often fear:

Fear of not knowing

Fear of scarcity

Fear of ROI

No one ever talks about the fear of staying small though. Our biggest fear is staying the same, never growing, expanding, or learning everything we possibly can while we’re still chasing our dreams on this incredible Earth. 

So, when thinking of investing, no matter what it is, always think about how it supports the vision you’re creating. 

3 Do’s For Investing in Your Business:

  1. Know your numbers and the ROI associated with each investment.
  2. Listen to what your gut tells you (you should feel excited about an investment). 
  3. Make sure the investment aligns with your vision for your business and life.

3 Don’ts For Investing in Your Business: 

  1. Don’t get distracted by Shiny Object Syndrome, or invest in something because everyone else is investing in it.
  2. Don’t make a quick decision under pressure. Take the time to really consider how this decision will change your life (not just your business). 
  3. Don’t do no research! Make sure you trust that the person or service you’re investing in will deliver what was promised. 

We truly believe investing in your business is the key to growing whether it’s in mentorship, workshops, team trainings or anything else that contributes to expansion. We hope these tips help guide you in making informed investment decisions for your business. We’d love to know — what’s the next investment you’re making in your business? Let us know on Instagram → 

February 18, 2022