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How to Set Yourself Up for Your Most Productive Day/Week/Month Ever


Being “busy” is not a sustainable way to define your lifestyle. Let’s be honest – all entrepreneurs are busy. Especially when you’re starting and growing a business, you’re wearing all the hats – accountant, social media manager, customer service support, sales, you name it!

So what if you could shift your mindset from being busy and frazzled to productive, efficient, and accomplished?

I want to show you how! In this episode, I’m sharing 4 powerful shifts I practice in my own business that will help you find an energetic flow state in your day while avoiding burnout and turning productivity into your superpower.


The Good: We launched the Podcast Kit! If you have been wanting to start a podcast, you’re going to love this. The kit has everything you could possibly think of that can help you take your podcast from a dreamy idea to a thriving and successful show: the graphics, resources, workflow, and even a Showit landing page. Learn more about the Simply Divine Podcast Kit here!

The Bad: The topic of this episode was inspired after finding myself falling into a flow of being “busy.” I’d rather get more done in less time. So I took it upon myself to view this challenge as a learning lesson, and what I’ve been implementing has been game-changing for my productivity.

The Woo-Woo: I did a podcast interview with someone who practices something called “shaking”, where she moves her body to align and balance her chakras and get into a peak energetic state. I tried it and it’s been super liberating. 

Don’t forget to share with me your good, bad, and woo-woo so I can celebrate your good, support you in your bad, and probably try your woo-woo!


Every month, I write down 2 or 3 top goals I’m determined to achieve, and I jot them down in Microsoft OneNote, a digital note-taking app. While I mostly focus on business goals (like selling a certain number of templates, or obtaining new clients), sometimes I’ll integrate a lifestyle goal, like meditating every day.

This helps me prioritize my goals, especially since I see them every day.

Quarterly and yearly goals are important, but setting monthly goals keeps you focused on moving the needle forward.


This is one of my favorite tips. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I invest my time in client work: client calls, logo designs, web design, you name it.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are when I work on Current Design Studio: business growth, content creation, podcast episodes, etc.

You can’t consistently work on client work, because then you’d neglect working on your business, and vice versa. Group similar tasks together so you can keep yourself in an energy flow.


On Sunday or Monday, do a literal brain dump of everything you want to accomplish that week.

Write down everything – when you’re going grocery shopping, client calls, reminders, Instagram Stories you want to publish, bills you have to pay, etc.

After you have your list written out, examine it and see where you can group similar tasks into categories and then sort them into your non-negotiable themed days.


Each morning, I’ll take a look at my list and allot an estimated time next to each task. For example, maybe you’ll estimate 30 minutes for a client discovery call, and 20 minutes to respond to client emails, and 10 minutes for creating an Instagram Story.

Time batching allows you to get things done with deep focus and without distraction. When you’re on the clock, put your phone away and just get it done! Then, give yourself a break after and go on a walk.

I hope these tips help you have a more productive work/life balance!


“If you have non-negotiable days you work on or in your business, it is a huge game-changer.”


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May 7, 2020

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