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Building An Unconventional Business, Ditching the 9-5 & Channeling Your Guides with Frances Naude


Frances Naude is a self-proclaimed “spiritual metaphysics nerd”. She’s a transformational reiki master energy healer, tarot card reader, yoga teacher, and health coach who specializes in guiding freedom seekers to live their dream lives in blissful alignment.

Frances is also one of my amazing clients, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with her over the last few months in launching her business and her website. I’m super excited to dive deep into everything that Frances has to offer – it’s going to be really interesting.


The Good: I worked on a lot of fun projects this month, including Frances’ website! And the date I’m recording this is actually the last day of April, so I’m celebrating a really great month.

The Bad: We’re still in quarantine, which has been really challenging. I miss seeing my parents!

The Woo-Woo: I challenged myself to be more of a “woo-woo CEO” through experimenting more with manifestation, visualization, and journaling. I’m excited to combine these actions with going more deeply into sales and seeing what results are possible!

Don’t forget to share with me your good, bad, and woo-woo so I can celebrate your good, support you in your bad, and probably try your woo-woo!


Intuitive shaking and singing can feel primal and powerful

Frances inspired me so much with this idea of physically moving and vibrating our bodies to clear energy. Sometimes she combines these intuitive movements with humming or singing, and she’s practiced this alone in her room and even in the shower. Afterwards, she feels liberated, high on life, almost light-headed. Her channels have all been cleared out.

Frances shared something interesting, about how zebras never get ulcers. When they get attacked, they will “shiver” and shake afterwards, almost to shake the traumatic energy out of themselves.

Are you curious about trying this now, too? DM me if you do! Frances suggests going for it when you feel intuitively called to it, and even if you only shake and sing and move around for a couple of minutes, it can feel so powerful.

Everything really shifted when she got her yoga teacher training certification

YTT was an incredible experience for me as well, and this was no different for Frances. For her, it was the combination of the intensive discipline and curriculum, shadow work, self-reflection, and being around like-minded people. Yoga is what initiated her interest in reiki, and exploring other realms of health and wellness.

The big takeaway here? If you find yourself curious and drawn to something, whether that be yoga teacher training, or launching a business, cancel out any of your limiting beliefs or self-doubts and invest the money in yourself. We often spend way too much money on things like going out to eat or happy hours with friends, and investing in courses, coaches, and trainings that will help expand our mindset and energy space will shift your life.

There’s no right or wrong to your spiritual journey

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’ve ramped up my spiritual practice so much, especially over the last 3-4 years. When I first started, I didn’t know where to look.

Frances says just because we can’t prove something, doesn’t mean it’s not existing. And I think once we can wrap our heads around that truth, then connection becomes a lot easier and our spiritual practice becomes more attainable.

She recommends starting with crystals and journaling. Both are tangible places to start. Then, delve into your intuition. If you feel like something is wrong or if you feel like something is right, even if you don’t know why, trust that. This is how you start connecting with your inner self, your highest self, your spiritual team.

Strengthening your intuition can be a daily practice

Even making little decisions like, “which orange should I choose?” when at the grocery store, or “which pair of underwear should I wear today?” can help us strengthen our intuition.

If you build that trust with yourself and start acting on what you’re feeling, you’ll start to see miracles. Sometimes, she can feel her intuition physically, in her stomach, but it can be different for everyone.

If you follow your intuitive path, you get all the opportunities that are laid out on that. So in short, to get everything you want, you have to listen to your intuition.

As a reiki healer, Frances had so much to share about how reiki works and its benefits.

Reiki started in Japan and it’s a healing technique where you channel energy and messages, without actually touching the client. Frances doesn’t go into the future. She goes into the past and finds blockages in the body and then puts new, fresh energy in to replace that. You never want to move the energy space – you always want to fill it back up with something.

When she works with clients, she feels like she’s picking up the phone to their spiritual teams and gives them messages they need to hear.

She recommends that every person on the planet experience reiki once. Have you tried reiki?

In closing, wow. This conversation had so many interesting nuggets. I hope you got as much out of it as I did! There really is no right or wrong way to go on your spiritual journey. What feels good for you and what feels right and what is aligned to you is all that matters.


  • What is your morning routine?
  • On your journey of spiritual metaphysics, how did you start?
  • How can we connect more to our intuition?


“At the time of yoga teacher training, I knew it was profound and it definitely was a profound experience. But looking back at it now, it was the pivoting moment of my life, 10000%.”


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May 15, 2020

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