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How to Write an Email Opt-in that will Explode your Email List


If you’re an online business owner, you know by now that it’s important to grow your email list. But gone are the days of “sign up for my newsletter” is a way to get people to sign up for your email list. You have to be creative and give your readers something that not only benefits them, but turns them into raving fans.

For every website I create, we develop an email opt-in that speaks to their ideal clients and shows off their expertise so everyone that visits their site gets a taste of their services. In this blog post I’m sharing how to write an email opt-in that will explode your email list, plus email opt-in ideas for your industry.

Step one: Know your ideal client’s pain points

In order to create an email opt in that gets tons of downloads from the RIGHT audience, you must know your ideal client’s pain points. It’s important to know this FIRST because you want to create an opt in that turns followers into raving fans and then raving fans into clients. First things first, if you don’t know who your ideal client is download the free workbook to figure out exactly who your ideal client is.

To develop your ideal client’s pain points, think about why they are following you or on your website in the first place. Why do they listen to you? What are they struggling with the most right now? What can they not stop thinking about all day long? Brainstorm 3-5 paint points they have and why they need you to help them.

Step two: Brainstorm ways to solve their problem

Now that you know their paint points, brainstorm tips can you give them that will help them solve their problem. An email opt in is generally heftier than a blog post, so brainstorm how to workbooks or guides that can be downloaded and filled out. These ideas will be actionable and easy wins for this person that they can implement right now.

This way, you are helping them make instant change and helping them immediately start working towards solving their problem.

Step three: Show your expertise

You want your email opt in to be something that shows off your expertise so much, that they think “WOW, she’s giving this to me for free, I wonder what her paid services are”. Be sure to stay within your niche and create something that is specific to who your ideal client is. The more specific and actionable, the more downloads you’ll get!

Step four: Generate an appealing title

You might have an amazing email opt in that is chock full of helpful information, but if you don’t have an eye-catching title, you won’t have any downloads. Go back to your ideal client’s pain points and create a title that speaks directly to their problem and explains results.

With the title, you can come up with a few different titles and maybe experiment to see which one gets more downloads over a few weeks. Once you figure out which one is working best, stick to that one!

Step 5: Create a graphic

You have the perfect email opt in, now all you have to do is market it! Head over to Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva and create a graphic that appeals to your ideal client. This could be where you create a few different title options and experiment which one does better.

Pro tip: Create a graphic in different sizes for Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook so you can use it on multiple platforms!

How to use your email opt in

When creating your email opt-in, you want to create something that you can use over a long period of time and that comes up often. Whether you blog or do a lot of marketing on instagram, if you create an email opt-in you can refer to regularly, you’ll get more downloads.

Refer to your email opt-in on Instagram live, in Facebook Groups, pin it on Pinterest and in blog posts to get the most exposure (and downloads) you can!

Email Opt-in ideas

Life Coach

  • Step by Step Guide to live a more balanced life
  • 100 Journal prompts
  • How to figure out your life’s purpose

Personal Trainer

  • 5 Day workout Plan
  • 7 Day at home workouts
  • How to plan your weekly workouts (plus a free planner!)


  • 5 days to a healthier kitchen
  • Weekly meal plan (plus grocery list!)
  • Healthy life Guide

Yoga Studio

  • 30 minute yoga flow
  • 10 minute breath-work guide
  • 50 yoga postures to improve your posture

I hope this helps you to create an email opt in that converts ideas into a high-converting email list! If you have any questions email or send us a DM on Instagram!


April 7, 2019

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