Secure Consistent, High-Quality Clients Masterclass

Your marketing plan is more like a collage of freebies and random advice you've pulled from Google.

But you're ready to follow a practical and actionable strategy that regularly and consistently brings in more revenue, right?

Imagine if

You had consistent $10k+ monthly revenue fueled by clients who value your skills and are excited to collaborate.

You were seen as an authority in your space and didn't feel the need to "convince" clients to work with you.

You had an omnipresent, long-term marketing strategy that works in the background so you can stay in your genius zone.

You can plan ahead and grow your team because you know your minimum revenue for months in advance.

Ditch the “hope marketing” method that has you feeling burnt out and frustrated and build a sustainable, long-term business foundation.

Are you ready to stop getting on discovery calls with the wrong clients?

Do you want to know exactly how much you'll make from month to month? 

What if you didn't have to explain the value of your pricing to potential clients?

What if you could have clients coming in on autopilot?

What to Expect

Develop an omnipresent marketing strategy unique to your business that is authentic and easy for you to maintain on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

Understand the key factors in a strategy that regularly brings in $10k/month in revenue on autopilot. 

Establish how to attract your high-paying clients and repel the clients who don't align (or want to pay your prices).

Refine your services so they're actually appealing to clients and determining your value-based pricing that produces results for both you and your clients. 

Create a unique marketing plan for 3-6 months that doesn't require you being on Instagram 24/7.

An in-depth, custom training that provides you with the action steps and resources to consistently bring in high-paying clients.

I guide ambitious entrepreneurs to unapologetically create the business and life of their dreams.

Several years ago, I left my cushy 9-5 job to pursue the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. What started as a bootstrapped design business has now flourished into a multi-six figure full-service design agency that serves 50+ clients a year globally.

BUT, I did not go from struggling solopreneur to well-paid CEO overnight.

It took years of hard work, trial and error and figuring out the proper strategies in order to consistently have high-quality clients paying multi-5 figures to work with us (without batting an eye at our prices). The current marketing principles we use at current double our revenue year after year and have put us on track to becoming a 7-figure business. AKA - this shit works.

No matter what stage of business you're in, feeling confident in knowing that your marketing strategies are rooted in foundations that bring in consistent and ever-growing revenue is the life-blood of your business. I've had the honor to mentor fellow entrepreneurs in teaching them the sustainable strategies that help scale their businesses past their wildest dreams. Are you ready to be one of them?

Meet Your Mentor,
Olivia Austin

A 12-mth marketing strategy template to map out an overview of your marketing for the year.

Editable templates


The presentation PDF and downloadable workbook to follow along, take notes and refer back to.

Training Workbook


You'll get a replay of the masterclass so you can go back and watch it anytime you'd like!

Training recording


A 90 minute live training with Q + A at the end with Olivia to answer any all of your questions.

Live training


What's Included:

You'll walk away with the knowledge, tools and confidence to scale your business in any way you choose.

*Just a few* client results

Secure Your Spot

90 minute training with live Q+A with Olivia

Full recording of training with Masterclass presentation PDF

Downloadable workbook with templates

Editable 12 month marketing strategy Google Sheets template

Friday • Dec. 17, 2021 • 12pm EST