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What it Takes to Build Two Global Businesses & Digital Marketing Strategies with Jemima-Faye Goodall


“When nothing is certain, anything is possible”. This is a quote Jemima-Faye Goodall stated during our interview and what most of our conversation was based around.

How not having a degree doesn’t define who you are, how not having the “skillset” doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great things and how you not having a plan is usually exactly what you need. ⁠

If you feel stuck with where you are now, unsure of what’s next or just need an overall seriously inspiring conversation, this is a great episode to listen to to be inspired by a truly incredible entrepreneur!

About Jemima-Faye Goodall

Jemima-Faye Goodall is a Digital Marketer, Brand Builder and the CEO of Coco Creative and Something Sassy, two global businesses based in Capetown, South Africa.

She has helped dozens of businesses like Peroni, Beautyblender, Nissan and more, build their brands online. Jemima-Faye is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to owning successful businesses, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and all things digital marketing (think: email marketing, online courses, branding and products). I am so glad to have had her on Behind the Design and can’t wait for this to get into your earbuds!

Some topics we cover

  • The stigma of education and how passion is the most important attribute of an entrepreneur, not credentials.
  • What it takes to be a leader in order to build a high-value team.
  • Digital marketing strategies for launching an online course and attracting the right customers.
  • Email marketing strategies and the beginning stages of a sales funnel.

July 15, 2020

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