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Why do I need a business coach

How Having a Coach Skyrockets Your Success & My Experience with Coach, Jessica Marx


This has been a long-awaited episode, and I am so excited to introduce you to my business coach, Jessica Marx. Jessica is a Business & Sales Growth Strategist who helps female entrepreneurs turn their passion and purpose into massive profit.

She is my secret weapon in business and biggest cheerleader. She has helped me personally implement, hire, and scale my business to 6-figures.

You’ll Hear:

  • Why taking the leap to invest in a coach is the key to hitting your first 6-figures (and changing your life).
  • How Jessica balances running her coaching empire and being a Mom of 2-year old twins.
  • The mistake most of Jessica’s clients were making when they first started coaching with her, and the importance of having just one or two signature services.
  • The book Jessica thinks every entrepreneur must read (plus a go-to mantra she lives by).
  • The money mindset shift you have to make before you work with a coach, and how to approach the investment.
  • What “CEO Mondays” are and why they are a total gamechanger.

Some Questions I ask Jessica:

  • What is your morning route like?
  • When clients first come to you, what do you notice in their businesses that need the most work?
  • What kind of results are you seeing from working with your own coach?
  • How can we be more productive as entrepreneurs by doing high quality work, rather than a high quantity of work?
  • What’s the first step an entrepreneur should take when they’re ready to outsource and build a team?

My Favorite Takeaways

  • The ‘why’ behind your business is so critical to succeeding in your business. You’ve probably heard the statistic out there that says most businesses are doomed to fail. I never wanted that to be me. I think what matters is having such a strong passion behind your why that you’ll do anything to make it work – because you have a greater purpose.
  • The coaching industry is highly saturated, so how do you find the right coach? First, look at their history and reputation. Do they have experience running and managing businesses on their own? What are the results that they’re getting clients? Look at their testimonials and see if people are tagging them on Instagram Stories. Beyond that, determine if the coach or coaching program you’re looking into addresses where you are now, or where you want to be.
  • I love how Jessica addresses the money mindset blocks that inevitably come up, especially if you’re a new business owner who wants to work with a coach. I was absolutely terrified of investing $400 a month in Jessica’s Female Founders group coaching program, but I am so glad I did. Think about the services you offer inside your business. If you have a $2,500 package and the coach you want to work with will cost you $5,000, see how you can sell two extra packages that month to make up for it.
  • Creating a “CEO Monday” or “CEO Friday” (or whatever day of the week is best for you!) to turn off all distractions is so powerful! When Jessica has her CEO Monday, she meets with her team in-person and lays out all the details of her week. She takes a deep dive into content, creating her email broadcasts, pulling together slides for upcoming speaking engagements. You have to set aside time every week to consistently focus on and cultivate the growth of your own business.

Notable Quote

“If you’re not listening and getting feedback, if you’re not watching your own programs and services and seeing the behavior of your clients from those and the results that they’re getting, you’re going to have a difficult time scaling to a multi 6-figure brand. You will plateau at where you currently are.”


Jessica’s Website

Jessica’s Instagram

Jessica’s Female Founders Club – Use code CURRENT to save $500 on this program!

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March 13, 2020