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Top Takeaways from Create & Cultivate


This was my first time experiencing a Create & Cultivate conference and to sum it up – it absolutely blew me away.

There’s a certain type of energy that manifests when you’re surrounded by over 1,000 women who are ready to learn, grow and change the world together and I was a part of it.

I went to the conference alone, and although nervous, I was excited to meet new people and to listen to some of the game changers of our generation.

Marie Forleo (I cried), Ashley Graham, Rebecca Minkoff , Tamara Melon (co-founder of Jimmy Choo who sold the company for just under $1 billion… WTF), Jaclyn Johnson, Rosie Huntington, Amber Heard, Martha Stewart (MARTHA F-ING STEWART), And so many more amazing women that dropped some serious knowledge on not just business, but for  life as well.

Whether you’re a business owner or climbing the corporate ladder, the Create and Cultivate conference is a safe space for you to get fired up, make goals and get inspired amongst other like-minded women and I would recommend you go to this at least once in your life time.

So instead of continuing to babble on about how amazing this was (I’m not sponsored I swear), I thought I’d share my top takeaways from this conference and how you can apply them to your life TODAY.

Top Takeaways from Create & Cultivate NYC 2019:


This was a common theme that was mentioned often in the variety of different panels I visited during the conference. Learning to say no just as graciously as you say yes, is the catalyst for building a personal brand or business that thrives off authenticity.

Along with this theme was also suggested that when you say “yes” to something you don’t particularly want to do (i.e. a client you think will be a pain, going to happy hour with friends even if you want to stay in), what is it that you’re saying “no” to…. Food for thought.


If you’re asking the question, googling, thinking, writing in your journal about it and you JUST HAVE A FEELING… listen to it. You know yourself better than anyone else and are the only person that can make decisions for your life, so listen and trust your gut.


This one is HUGE for me and although I know I can’t do it alone, it’s so easy to forget. Being surrounded by amazing women just to talk through personal and professional problems was the biggest takeaway I had from this weekend.

Whether you need help watching your kids, managing your overflowing email or feedback on a current project… ASK. Especially if you’re a driven person, it’s difficult to ask for help, but asking does not mean you are weak. No one can go through life on their own and there are only so many hours in the day!

Martha Stewart’s response when asked her biggest life hack: “2-3 housekeepers” (NOT KIDDING)


If you want to have a successful business, blog, storefront or team – you have to ask your audience. It’s one thing to work on projects and make updates that you want, but everything you’re doing is for your customer/audience/team members, right!?

By asking them what it is that they want or need from you, you will get the most direct feedback and be able to work on things specifically for them.


You are not your story, you create your own story. Just because you grew up a certain way, have a certain friend group or you’re from a certain neighborhood does not mean that this defines you.

You have the power to choose. Choose how you want to live your life, the type of person you want to be, where you want to live, your life. You can re-write your narrative whenever you want.Video Player00:0000:10


I heard from some of the top women leaders that own multi-million dollar businesses and all of them said they used google to figure out almost everything. You don’t need to have gone to college, to have a fancy degree or know how to use excel, but if you have PASSION FOR YOUR PURPOSE, you will find a way to build your dream life.


If you’re a good person, you will attract good people and that’s what life is all about, right? Smile at a stranger, be patient and be authentically, unapologetically you whenever you have the chance, because that’s all anyone ever wants to be around!


There’s never a right time to do anything. You’ll always have an excuse not to start, but if you really want it… like you can’t stop thinking about it – just start.

One day or day one.


The owner of poopouri is an absolute angel and if you’ve never experienced her amazingness, you need to follow her on instagram. Her brand was built on following her intuition, hard-work and mindfulness and she is an inspiration to anyone that wants to live their passion.

Her best advice is that if you want something really bad (like really, really, really bad), meditate, journal and LISTEN to the voice inside of you.

So, it’s safe to say that the Create & Cultivate conference was amazing and on top of hearing from these amazing powerhouses, I also met some women that I know I will be friends with for years to come!

If you’ve been thinking about going to a conference, a networking group or just putting yourself out there to meet other like-minded women – JUST DO IT, you will not be disappointed.

July 15, 2019

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