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If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen my stories of these beautifully illustrated cards with affirmations on them.

Originally, I got these oracle cards because I was searching for some guidance in helping make some big decisions in my life and also add a more intuitive practice to my daily rituals. I truly believe that if you want to go big, you have to go in and by using these oracle cards I have become more trusting in my intuition, which has lead me to feeling confident in big life decisions.

This year I added the Moon Deck to my daily rituals and have had multiple 5 figure months in my business, made positive life changing decisions and am more connected and present in my daily life. Although there are other things I’ve done to help make these happen (like work hard AF), I do believe that oracle cards have allowed me to be more in-tune with my intuition.

What are oracle cards

Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards, but more free to interpretation, where tarot readings are specific to a person. Oracle cards can be used to spark self-care rituals, create journal prompts, and if used intuitively with the universe, help guide you in different aspects of your life. The specific set of oracle cards I use are The Moon Deck cards, which have daily affirmations and self-care rituals on each of the cards.

These oracle cards are meant to bring you closer to your intuition and assist in trusting your gut, rather than seeking outside of yourself for answers – which is exactly what I needed at the time.


There are a lot of benefits to getting in tune with yourself, but the oracle cards specifically can help in journaling, self care practices, creativity, guidance in transformation, meditation and so much more! As a manifestor in human design (a blog post for another time), I second guess a lot of my decisions and these cards have helped to validate me as I go through transformations.

How to use them

These are ways I use the moon deck in my personal rituals, but does not mean that you have to do the same! They are designed to guide you in your specific life and can be integrated however you want. The more authentic and honest you are with yourself with your moon deck, the more they will be able to help you!


For me, each morning I wake up, turn on some music and do some light breathwork. After this, I’ll pull out my moon deck and ask the universe a question or for guidance on a specific topic and will pull a card. I always direct my focus on something that is currently going on in my life because I believe that if you ask with intention you shall receive. If you’re not sure what to ask, sit in stillness and something will come to you.


Because I’m about 80% confident in decisions I make (one of my biggest insecurities), this practice has proved to be extremely helpful when it comes to making big decisions that feel like the world will collapse if I’m not right. Either during a full moon or new moon, I will take out my cards and set up a sacred space to reflect and ask for guidance.

I’ll light a candle, sage and burn paolo santo to really create a safe, positive space to channel my questions inward and ask for guidance for whatever is bothering me.

So, if you’ve been watching my stories and wondering what the heck I’m doing – here you go! Ask me anything about this topic – I love this stuff!

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A designer, brand strategist & life enthusiast with a passion for helping you turn your passion into a purpose-driven business. I design custom brands +  websites for businesses rooted in the health + wellness industry that illuminate their impact online + convert to sales.

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What are oracle cards and how do I use them?

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July 15, 2019

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