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Why Prioritizing Business and Health are a Package Deal


Why Prioritizing Business and Health are a Package Deal

Plus a 10 minute workout at home, no equipment workout!

By Jill Daddario

The third Monday of every month, Current Design Studio features a small business owner in the wellness and healthy lifestyle industry’s blog post. We do this to give variety to our readers and spread knowledge amongst the entrepreneur community. If you’re interested in contributing please email


As a business owner, placing other tasks above exercise is a familiar occurrence. But I’m here to tell you why this could actually be hurting your productivity. By prioritizing your health, you will be able to give more to your business and clients. We truly cannot pour from an empty cup, and while it is counterintuitive, we must put our own health and well-being before everything else. Taking 45 minutes, 20 minutes, or even 10 minutes a day to step away from work and move your body can set you up for a more productive work day, better nights sleep, and a less stressful existence.

Working out gets blood flowing throughout the body which will give you more energy physically and mentally enabling you to better accomplish your daily tasks. Business owners who are determined to grow and provide the best product feel they need to give every minute to their mission and clients. At face value this seems like the most admirable option, but by not taking care of your health, you are actually being selfish. Showing up as your healthiest self is ultimately the best thing you can do for your business today and in the long run. I encourage you to make your health a priority, and in turn I promise you will see improvements in so many areas of your life, relationships, energy, and business.

Below is a complementary 10 minute workout that you can do right now with zero equipment! Work through each exercise with a focus on proper form and the goal to keep moving for the full 10 minutes! Even if the exercises are modified your body is still reaping serious benefits from 10 minutes of movement and hard work. Each exercise has a demo video and voice instructions, watch the videos as many times as you need to feel comfortable executing the exercise.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds active rest. Minimal breaks between each exercise!

  • Challenge: Perform each exercise for 1 minute followed by 15 second rest
  • Modification: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds followed by 30 second active rest
  • Active rest = jog in place, march in place, high knees, boxer stance, butt kickers, walk, mini hops
  • Remember to do an active warm up before the workout and a static cool down after for at least 3-5 minutes each

The exercises with video demos:

  1. Back lunge to knee drive
  2. Lay Down Push-ups
  3. Flutter Kicks
  4. Half Burpee to 10 High Knees
  5. Plank hip dips
  6. Leg Raises
  7. Side Lunge Knee Raise
  8. Shoulder Taps
  9. Glute Bridge
  10. Plank ups


Feel free to repeat the workout 2 or 3 times for a 20 or 30 minute workout! You can do it!! Send me an insta message once you complete this workout. I would love to hear how it went!

Meet Jill

Jill is a certified personal trainer who is committed to helping you reach your goals without compromising your social life, business, favorite foods, or adventurous spirit.

As a fitness professional and bilingual world traveler, she does not believe we should choose between health, fun, business, or travel. Her program Your Health Suitcase, is designed to help people reach their optimal health from anywhere in the world. Jill understands that each person requires a unique method to achieve and maintain their specific goals. If you are ready to finally reach and sustain your health goals, get in contact with Jill here to see if you are a good match to work together!

It is time we Go Further, in health and in life!

January 21, 2019

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