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How to write a new client proposal

3 Components to Include in Your New Client Proposal


3 Components to Include in Your New Client Proposal

You have a really amazing sales call with someone, get off the phone to patiently await the follow up email and…. crickets. I’m not talking about a sales call that you were making, but one where you were looking looking to outsource work to someone else.

This, unfortunately, has happened to me enough times where I feel it’s important to discuss what should be included in the proposal after the sales call. I would first like to preface this post with pressing the importance of the timeliness that the proposal needs to be sent.

For me, a proposal that’s sent 3-4 days after the phone call is not taken seriously. I forget what we talked about, I’ve already spoken to 2 other people since then and quite frankly, I’m not on your priority list. Especially if you’re in hustle mode in your business, a proposal should be sent THE SAME DAY or at the MOST 36 hours after your phone call to show how excited you are to work with this person.

Everyone’s business is their baby and they want to know you care about their business just as much as they do, and you want to catch them when they’re excited! Show  passion by getting a quick turn around time for the proposal even if you have to be up all night putting it together.

Okay, now that you understand the importance of sending the proposal, there are 3 important factors that should be included in your new client proposal.

1. Exactly what’s included in your package

You don’t want there to be any surprises on either end about what you’re providing for your client. There should be the exact amount of work or services layed out so that you and your client know what to expect when working together. Especially if someone if shopping around for different people to work with, you want to clearly portray how amazing your services are compared to your competitors.

I also like to add everything that’s included because for me, every client gets something a little different. During a sales call I listen intently to what the client’s vision is for their business and provide a proposal that’s specific to them and what I think they might need. This allows me to stand out from the “one size fits all” packages, so I want them to see exactly what’s included.

2. Investment and payment plan options (if applicable)

How annoying is it to search for the price of something and you can’t find it anywhere? UGH! This is super frustrating to me, which is why you should put the investment of your package clear for your new client to see. Most people that are looking for custom 1-1 services have an idea of how much your service will cost, so don’t be scared to put it out there!

I also offer 2, 4 and 6 month payment plans which I lay out the pricing of that in my proposal as well. If you offer any type of payment plan, this definitely should be added to your proposal because it could be part of the deciding factor for your new client.

3. Short bio/testimonials/portfolio

You have to think that someone is going to take your proposal, mull over what you spoke about during your call and then make a decision if you’re the right fit for them. Adding anything in there that could help them or remind them of why you’re a great fit is something that could help nudge their decision in the right direction.

In my proposals I add a short description of Current Design Studio, a little bit about me and have pictures of my work throughout the 4 – 7 pages. This is just an added reminder of who you are and your expertise.

Again, it’s too often I get proposals long after a sales call or a proposal doesn’t answer all of the questions I need. If you need help working on your proposal, or have any questions email me or send me a DM on Instagram.


I hope this helps! Rooting for you, Olivia

January 14, 2019

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