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Why I switched from SquareSpace to Showit

Why I switched my website from SquareSpace to Showit


Why I switched my website from SquareSpace to Showit

Since I started my business my website has gone from Wix to WordPress to SquareSpace to Showit, and while all of those platforms are amazing for many different reasons, but Showit so far has been my favorite.

If you’ve been DIY-ing your website or are looking to start one, this blog post will give you a qualified opinion (I mean, I’d like to think I’m qualified?), on why Showit has been an amazing platform so far.

I’d like to preface this blog post with that I still love SquareSpace and that I love designing websites for clients on SquareSpace. Showit is not a great platform for ecommerce or online stores & I’ll still be designing websites on SquareSpace!

Creative flexibility

The number one reason I went from SquareSpace to Showit is for creative flexibility. Showit is like the Illustrator of all website platforms because there is NO CREATIVE LIMIT! Anything you dream up is impossible on this truly drag and drop builder. I can add transitions, boxes, custom fonts, anything I’d like without any restrictions.

Because of this, it allows me to make truly one-of-a-kind websites for my clients. If you decide to DIY your website, you can also purchase templates from their template shop and make it 100% your own. You can check out Melanie’s website which I made on Showit here.


No coding required

On SquareSpace if you want to create something that’s outside of the grid, you’ll have to apply some code. With some experience with coding it wasn’t a big setback for me, but it could take more time rather than just dragging and dropping like in Showit.

You can however add code in Showit if you want to add an outside form or something else on your site, so the option is always there!


Custom mobile builder

I am so obsessed with this feature! SquareSpace automatically makes your site responsive, which is helpful sometimes, but can sometimes make your site look a little wonky on mobile. On showit, you can fully customize your mobile site, just as easily as you can on your desktop.

Another great feature is you can hide certain things from mobile if you only want them on the desktop and vice versa. For example, I created a link that goes in my instagram profile that’s only for social & isn’t accessible from desktop!


Quick, easy & painless updates

My main reason for trying Showit was because I knew I could get really creative with designing websites for clients, but when I realized how user-friendly it was, it was a total game changer! With no coding required, drag & drop and a responsive design, it’s super painless to make any updates.

This means that after I design a really unique website, my clients can make easy changes to their sites without having to send me an email every minute. It’s a win-win on everyone’s part!



WordPress is a great platform for blogging, which easily connects with Showit. If you have a blog that’s currently on WordPress, it’s super easy to migrate it with your Showit site. Not only that, but the Showit team will transfer it over for you! It’s so super easy and not painful at all, that it makes it worth it.

All in all, these are my top 5 reasons I transferred from SquareSpace to Showit, and although SquareSpace is an amazing, Showit opens about a lot more creative flexibility where you can really show the personality of your business!

If you’d like to discuss custom website design, send me an email & we can schedule a time to chat!

October 29, 2018