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Soulful Woman Guidance Website Launch


Designing Melanie’s website for her new business, Soulful Woman Guidance, was so much fun! I felt so connected to her work, and although we were on other sides of the world, I could feel her passion through the computer screen. Read below for more about Melanie’s amazing spiritual healing work & about our custom brand & website design process.

I suppose it has been a few years in the making as I have been providing healings and tarot to people and could see the immediate impact it had however the turning point was towards the end of 2017 where I was on holiday and had time to reflect, brainstorm and develop the vision that is Soulful Woman Guidance. Once I had formulated both a short term and long term vision it was almost as though I could not go back to life without putting the goals I had set into motion. I just knew that this is a stepping stone for me along my path of professional transformation.

I am looking to work with women of all ages to assist with healing, transformation as well as manifestation. I want to champion women along their life’s journey – wherever it takes them. So whether women are needing guidance around their professional, personal or spiritual path, I aim to support, encourage and energise them.

I want to bring awareness that regardless of what is happening for individuals that they are exactly where they need to be at that point in time. This may be a challenging concept to process and accept but often when we are facing difficulties or uncertainties there is an opportunity for growth, development and transformation. I see as part of my role being able to support people in being able to manage particular turning points in their lives.

I am driven by my internal desire to guide and support people as I feel this is what I am called to do here on earth in this lifetime. This has shifted over the years and has now evolved into Soulful Woman Guidance, however the desire has always been the same which I think is why I was drawn to become a Social Worker and Psychologist after leaving school.

About the design process:

Ohh, there are many – I love the logo design, colour palette, the structure of the website. How you’ve broken down my big paragraphs of text to make it readable and look lovely is just on point!

Yes absolutely – I just love it!

Working with Olivia has been a dream, she is such a creative talent – there was no way I could develop the concept for my website like she has done – just wonderful. Olivia has been so professional, friendly and supportive – she always answers my many questions and follows up and even though I am in Australia, there doesn’t feel as though there has been that distance at all. Olivia has also been the person I have gone to about many issues in relation to clients such as payments and forms etc, so I really have appreciated her input and expertise.

More about Melanie:

As I live near the beach, I usually find that going to the beach and taking my tarot cards and journal can help inspire my creativity.

I have been reading a book my a local author and is for Soulpreneurs. It is entitled: Spirit in Business – Spiritual Leadership for a New Era by Ginny West. It has been so helpful as there are two sections – one for spirit and one for business.

If I only had to pick one it would be Estelle – I completed a online Tarot Course with her but it was much more than that as I had individual mentoring with her. Estelle has been instrumental in being able to take this leap of faith and putting Soulful Woman Guidance out to the world.

Melanie’s Full review:

Olivia has been such a pleasure and a gift to work with. The website she has designed was exactly what I was asking for – she has done such a beautiful job. Her development of my logo as well as colour palette was just gorgeous and the website looks amazing. I really felt as though Olivia clearly understood the vision I had for not only for the website but for my business as a whole. Olivia is very professional, supportive, personable and encouraging which is what I needed on my journey to putting my new business out in the world. A big bonus is that Olivia is very proficient with technological aspects of website development which I found so very helpful. Thanks again Olivia!!! Melanie – Soulful Woman Guidance

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October 22, 2018

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