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The Importance of Defining Your Nich‪e‬


Want to stop getting on discovery calls with people who think you’re too expensive and actually work with clients who hurl their credit cards at you? I’ve got ya.

When your brand is misaligned you can feel like…

👉🏼You’re getting on discovery calls with less-than-ideal clients.

👉🏼Your content is more “inspirational” than high-converting

👉🏼You’re confused on how to streamline your message to connect with your audience

…and don’t even get started on your website

The root of this frustration stems from speaking to too broad of an audience of not the exact right people – that’s where defining your niche comes in. I know, I know, this is a buzzword in the business world that comes up often, but it’s the key to going from hot mess online to THE aligned goddess in your space. I personally have niched down to a specific market, and in this episode, we’re chatting the importance to defining your niche and how to do it.

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We’re Chatting:

  • My personal journey of niching down
  • Niche vs. ideal client
  • The benefits of defining your niche
  • Questions to consider when defining your niche
  • First steps in getting it out there

March 3, 2021