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Upleveling Your Money Mindset and Selling Without Being Salesy with Nicole Cramer


I’m so excited to introduce you to Nicole Cramer, a sales coach for health coaches and the owner of Healthy Steps with Nicole. A lot of people dread talking about sales, and as a lifelong athlete, Nicole never could have imagined that she’d be where she is today.

In this episode, you’ll learn about sales mindset, the energetic exchange of money, the weird coincidence that happened after she splurged on a new car, and how to overcome objections on discovery calls.

Nicole is a wealth of knowledge, so be sure to have your notebook out, because I have a feeling you’re going to need it!:

My Favorite Takeaways:

Sales don’t have to be “salesy”

I love how Nicole flipped this assumption on its head, because there’s a deeper story here. The only reason we think sales are “salesy” is because we’re putting that label on it ourselves and have an underlying money story or lack of abundance mindset that’s getting in the way. Are you willing to get uncomfortable enough to master something new and invite new clients in? People are willing (and excited!) to buy a “better version of themselves” and if we get out of our own way, it paves a path to selling with confidence.

We can rewrite our money stories

Nicole shared that the number one thing that has strengthened her money mindset (more than journaling and meditation!) is absorbing amazing content in books about money. It opens up your mind, gets you clear on what your desires really are, and helps you realize that just because you grew up a certain way or have long held a specific money mindset, it doesn’t have to be that way. When she read You Are a Badass at Making Money, she had so many revelations, from the decision to splurge on a new car, to investing in multiple coaches to uplevel her mindset. Within days of getting a loan on her new car, nearly the exact amount of money showed up – I got chills as she shared this! We are worth the effort of making our biggest money desires a reality.

People will buy from you because they like you

Having a poppin’ Facebook community or 20,003 Instagram followers is nice, but it’s not the reasons someone is going to buy from you. Those are nice things that will attract people and bring them into your world, but it’s not what’s going to make them buy. And Nicole reminds us that we’re not in competition with anyone, because nobody can be “us”! You have specific stories, talents, and gifts that you can show up with that no one else can. It’s less about memorizing a formula and more about building a relationship with yourself.

The real purpose of a discovery call

The purpose of a discovery call is about determining if someone is an ideal fit for you, and if you’re an ideal fit for them. And the beauty in this? There’s no perfect thing to say and there isn’t a perfect formula to follow (if there was, we’d all be doing it and making millions!). If you’re a new health coach, you might be zeroed in on the money and wondering “How do I turn this person into a client?”, but we should always be relentlessly focused on being in service to the client, or else we’re doing them a disservice. Money is important, and it will show up if we make decisions that are in alignment with who we are in our business. Be your authentic self, tap into your intuition, and get into a conversational, flowy state.

To overcome objections, prequalify

If you’re super clear and transparent with who you are and how you show up online, you can eliminate potential objections right off the bat. You actually do want to turn people away when they’re researching you as a potential coach! Be polarizing in how you show up. And don’t forget to protect your time (your time is energy!) and hold the bar high for the people you do make the time to have discovery calls with. Objections are buying signals stemming from fears and a lack of belief in being worthy enough to invest in whatever it is that you’re offering. This signals a golden opportunity to continue pushing for the sale and make the value known.

I was blown away by everything Nicole shared in this conversation. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Some questions I ask Nicole:

  • What are the typical mindset shifts that need to happen to step into your best sales self?
  • What are the money stories you typically see and how do you help clients overcome them?
  • How do you overcome objections in sales?


“There’s no way around selling if you have a business.”


Nicole’s Website

Nicole’s Instagram

You Are A Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

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