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The details on my business name change

If you’ve ever changed a business name you know it’s A TON of work, so let me preface this by saying this has been more than 6 months in the making of designing a new brand and it did not happen on a whim.

A new logo, updated website, new copy, transferring emails, forwarding domains, etc etc came with a lot of strategy, hard work and dedication to you, my beautiful human (all after work hours).

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, I thank you immensely for sticking with me throughout this journey and I want to take you through the process of the name change!

I have been dreaming up this new brand for months and working really hard on it and I can’t wait to see where this road takes us!

Current Design Studio represents where we’re going

In the early stages of any business you’re still trying to work out who you are and in this last year I’ve shifted my packages, honed in my niche and defined exactly who my ideal client is and I wanted a business name to reflect just that.

I came up with Olivia Design & Co. because I needed a name and I saw other designers had a similar variation of that (so lame I know!), but it doesn’t encompass the story of my brand or brands I create for clients that work with me. Someday (5 year plan) Current Design Studio will be a small team of creatives that will be the go to design agency for wellness and healthy lifestyle businesses, but I wasn’t going to get there with Olivia Design & Co.

I wanted to create a brand that not only I resonate with, but my ideal clients connect with as well.

Which brings me to

What does Current Design Studio mean?

If you’ve worked with me before, you know that I’m all about intentional design so everything down to a dot has a meaning. As a true ocean lover, I knew I wanted to do something that involved the ocean, but also have a deeper meaning than just going to the beach – because it’s so much more than that.

Current has two meanings:

adj. / Belonging to the present time; happening or being used or done now.

Designing you brands that are current through every season of your business

noun / A body of water or air moving in a definite direction

Working together to propel you forward in your business and personal life

Since I love creating community and working together to move everyone forward, both of these definitions fit perfectly for the vision I have for Current Design Studio now and for the years to come.

You’ll see the curves in the type and the simplicity of the design, which is exactly what I want to represent. I want others to look at the logo and think of all the possibilities they can do with their ideas and how we can work together to make that happen.

I wanted something I was proud of

Olivia Design & Co. was something I was hiding behind, almost like it was limiting me. I have all these dreams of what I want to do for my business and I felt that it was holding me back; but I was letting it. I was SO SCARED of this change and what it would bring out for me, that I didn’t want to make the move.

The brands that I create and where I see Current going, directly reflect my business name. I am so excited to see where this journey takes us and I thank you again for being along on this ride!

Nothing about my business is changing – just the name! I’ll still be posting blog posts, resources and helping you create the business of your dreams.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me or DM me on Instagram!

Hi, I'm Olivia

A designer, brand strategist & life enthusiast with a passion for helping you turn your passion into a purpose-driven business. I design custom brands +  websites for businesses rooted in the health + wellness industry that illuminate their impact online + convert to sales.

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