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2019 business goals

2019 Business Bucketlist Ideas


2019 Business Bucketlist Ideas

As you are preparing your goals for 2019, we thought it would be fun to give some business goal ideas, both large and small, you might want to work towards in the new year! These are a compilation of our ideas and others in our community.

Share with us your 2019 business bucketlist goals on Instagram + let’s work towards them together!

  1. Increase services prices
  2. Get new pictures for your website
  3. Book clients in advance
  4. Be more mindful in your work
  5. Go to 10 networking events
  6. Make a business bestie
  7. Start blogging
  8. Start a newsletter
  9. Send out hand written letters to new clients
  10. Refine on-boarding/off-boarding process
  11. Have more set workday hours
  12. Stop working in time for dinner every night
  13. Go on a walk every time you have a phone call
  14. Have more in person client meetings
  15. Start paying your taxes quarterly
  16. Expand your team
  17. Be kinder to yourself!
  18. Set monthly goals
  19. Set up a proper workspace
  20. Get an office
  21. Reduce business expenses
  22. Launch a course
  23. Launch a workshop
  24. Increase traffic to your website
  25. Increase your Instagram followers + ROI
  26. Improve the financial health of your business
  27. Conduct an audit
  28. Join a mastermind
  29. Get a business/life coach
  30. Revamp your business plan


I hope these help! Some of these are on my 2019 Business Bucketlist as well, which I’m sharing over here on Instagram! I can’t wait to hear about your goals.

December 17, 2018