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Morning Routine Habits for a Healthy Start




Morning routines are crucial to setting up your day up for success. It’s no secret that some of the world’s most successful leaders dedicate hours to self-love & mindset before attacking the day each morning. As a new entrepreneur I found (and still do somedays) that it’s difficult to not think about everything you need to do right when you open your eyes. When I finally established a routine routine, I was feeling energized and productive all day long. 

“Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend that first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude & heart.”

I’m so excited to share this post with you today because I spoke with three women who take their morning routines very seriously. Allie, Samantha and Emily  share their morning routines on how they set the pace for their day each morning. I think this will help you understand the importance of a morning routine and help you to establish your morning routine, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day. 


Allie Hobson

Nutritional Therapy • Barefood Nutrition

Each morning I wake up, lay in bed for a good 20 minutes to check emails, respond to messages (basically I like to postpone getting out of comfort for as long as possible). After that, I work out of some sort usually! I love running, yoga, weight lifting or walking. Even if I am taking a day off, I like to get out and move even if it’s just a walk and a podcast. 

I drink buttered coffee or matcha and for a quick-ish breakfast, my favorite is a smoothie because I can pack it in my hydro flask and take it with me. I try and look at my calendar the night before so I can prep lunches, snacks or food to take with me to client meetings. 

My schedule is always changing so routine usually goes out the window after the morning! 

Follow along with Allie! •  @barefoodnutrition


Samantha Schmuck

Transformational Coach • Revived Living

 had always heard how powerful having a morning routine was, but I didn’t fully grasp how powerful until I started practicing my own routine consistently. There are still certain mornings that feel too rushed to start the day off this way, but that is actually when you most need to pause in the morning. So often I found my mornings were on autopilot. I would wake up and groggily move through the house waiting for that jolt of energy, inspiration, and momentum to kick in so I could take on the day. However, that rarely happened. I would look at the clock and it would be around 11am and would wonder to myself, “Where in the world did the last several hours go!?” 

Being an entrepreneur the last thing I have to waste is time and starting the day off with a morning routine allows me to generate the energy and mindset I need to tackle the day and feel good about what I accomplished that night. 

I am a transformational coach so if I am not in the best possible space, myself, I cannot fully bring it for my clients and that is not something I am willing to do. Each morning I include several staples that really help me step into a place of positivity, possibility, confidence, and peace. These are puppy snuggles, movement/stretching, reading, water, and a nourishing breakfast. 

This routine allows me to feel accomplished and energized first thing in the morning and helps me stay productive all day long!

“The power plant does not have energy,
it generates it.”
– Brendon Burchard

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes as it reminds me I am the one responsible for getting myself in a state where I can be my best self.

Follow along with Samantha! •  @revived_living


Emily Morrow

Nutrition Coach

Each morning I wake up and immediately make my bed. As someone who has a very type A personality, I like to be able to mentally make a check next to my daily tasks.  

I also drink lemon water, followed by a bulletproof matcha (recipe on my website) first thing in the morning. I use this time to sit, relax and practice gratitude. 

Then I like to get my body moving! Some days I will Crossfit, other days I will do a full body circuit that I’ve made up and other days I will go for a long walk listening to a podcast. I use how I’m feeling as a guide, but I like to switch things up to keep my body guessing!

Follow along with Emily! •  @theemilymorrow


March 20, 2018

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