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How to Plan Social Media Content



Posting to social media is a huge stressor that hangs over many business owner’s heads. Trying to decide what photo to post, a caption, the best time can take time out of your day that you typically don’t have. Questions like,  Do I post today? Did I already post? When’s the best time? Pop into your head all day long until you post and then you do it all again the next day.

This was me before I created a social media system that gives me more hours in my work days and allows me to enjoy the part I love most about social media – being social! Today i’m sharing tips on how to plan your social media & the tools I use to do so. I’m also sharing a FREE social media planning calendar that I use daily to help me stay organized and on top of my accounts!


None of these links are affiliate links. These are tools that I use on a regular basis I want to share with you because I think they will help in your business!

Social Calendar

Whether you post once a week, every other day or every day, it’s important to have a set schedule so you know what you’re posting and it’s cohesive with your brand. Below is a link to the google sheet that I use on a monthly basis to layout my content. I have a section on ideas and a column for each social media platform that I use.

Here is a post about developing your brand message and how to make sure you’re touching each “category” of your business.


I use both my social calendar and UNUM at the same time. UNUM is a free app that you can download on your phone that helps with styling your grid (AKA making sure it looks pretty!). I love this app to see what my photos look like together, but also to implement my message and make sure i’m not repeating photos or categories.

UNUM allows you to schedule your posts right there on the app. It doesn’t automatically post to your account, but it will send you a push notification to remind you; which leads me to my next resource…

Download UNUM in your app store!


I was introduced to Grum after I started taking social media more seriously and it has been a total game changer. Grum is a scheduler tools that posts to instagram directly from your desktop. Yup, this type of thing exists and it is absolutely amazing! It helps so much to plan ahead, especially if you’re anticipating a crazy few weeks ahead.

Now, just because you have Grum, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be aware of when you’re posting. Make sure that you’re posting at the right time (I wrote a blog post about that here) and be sure to still go on Instagram at that time to engage with your followers.


Hootsuite is another tool that I use to schedule my social media. With Hootsuite you can have multiple different platforms all in one. I use this scheduling tool for Facebook and LinkedIn instead of scheduling them on their individual accounts.

Hootsuite is free if you have one user and gives you access to adding three accounts. You can also schedule to Instagram from Hootsuite, where it will send you a push notification of the assigned time to post.

Social Media Management

Leave the content planning & scheduling to us! We’ll help you plan your monthly content so you can focus on your clients. 

I hope this helps you to schedule your social media and make it fun instead of frustrating! Personally, I love social media and planning out my content! Don’t forget to download my social media calendar to help you plan out your posts in advance.



March 12, 2018

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