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3 Ways to Sell Without Being “Salesy”


There’s one aspect of business that can oftentimes be daunting.

Take a wild guess… Selling yourself.   

For some people, they love this part of running a business – it just comes naturally. But there’s some of us that can’t stand it – it can be intimidating & scary overwhelming. No matter where you land on the scale, you have to sell yourself to be successful in business. 

The good news is I have a few practical strategies that can make selling easier, allow it to feel more natural & help avoid that icky feeling of a sales pitch. As we’ve all experienced, 24/7 sales pitches are everywhere, so it’s refreshing as hell when we’re confronted with a business that actually cares. It’s very clear when a conversation is actually a sales pitch versus having a conversation with someone who (again) *actually cares* about our life goals, making a difference and building long-lasting relationships. 

These businesses do exist. YOU are these businesses. This community right here, are the ones who emanate IMPACT at their core – and it’s your time to stand out.

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product you have”

When you hold on to your mission so tightly, it can sometimes be difficult to promote your business because you feel like it’s not aligned with your soul purpose. Sound familiar?

That’s where an impactful brand strategy comes in. Really understanding your people and connecting with them on a human level to guide them to their breakthrough.

Here are 3 non-salesy tips you can start doing now ↓


There’s nothing we love more than authenticity and the best way to show that is through common experience. We invest in people who we feel understand what we’re going through, so share your journey to connect.


The people want to know (!!) how will our lives change from your service? Testimonials, portfolio work, case studies – give us the results.


There’s lots of businesses out there that once they get the client they move on to get more clients. You guys know how much I teach white glove service and that starts with building relationships with your clients and treating them well. Implement processes, systems and high-quality touch points to show you care and the results will be in the referrals!

By implementing these tips, you’re focusing on the problem that you solve instead of the product you have. You’re not trying to sell the audience on your product, you’re showing them how you can help them. It’s about THEM, not you or your products.

I promise that if you act on even ONE of these strategies, you’ll see an increase in inquiries & interest on whatever platforms you market your business. All three of these tips open the door for people to ask questions, engage with your content, build trust with you & eventually make the effort to learn more about you and your business (aka inquiries + discovery calls)! You’ve got this!

November 19, 2021

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