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Checklist for working with a design agency

What You Need To Know About Hiring a Design Agency


Here’s the thing: we’re the experts.

We’ve got the degrees, years of experience, continued education… we live and breathe design, period end of story. There’s HOURS of intention that goes into every element we create in your brand, we’re not just throwing stuff together that “looks pretty”.

So while we love co-creating with clients to bring their vision to life, we know what clients need in order to build a high-converting brand. Whether you’re a fellow designer reading this post, or a small business owner reading this post, we want to share some elements we’ve been crafting for YEARS, that are directly correlated to our client’s success, as well as what makes us the experts in the design space.

Also, if you want a good laugh, watch this Reel.

What we do to guide out clients to success:

01. Award-winning systems

*technically* our processes are not award-winning, but if there was such award we would win. But seriously, this is KEY to making sure your clients aren’t overwhelmed and don’t start to take matters into their own hands. Leave nothing up to assumption and make sure the client has everything they need (including questionnaires, templates and timelines) right from the beginning.

02. Clear communication boundaries

Establish the best way to communicate early on in the project (like first call). Have ONE clear way to communicate with you and your team and make sure it’s clear when, what time and on what platform you use.

03. The one concept method

The last few years we’ve moved into the one concept method and it has been a great in steering the client in the right design direction. We’ve found that this helps the client visualize the brand as a whole vs. leaving things to the imagination and being confused.

The biggest thing we’ve cultivated here at Current is a co-collaboration. These boundaries have been implemented to ensure our clients have the best, easiest and most fun experience as they elevate their brand.

Want to be guided through your brand elevation with experts? Fill out our intake form here to see if we’re a good fit!

August 28, 2021

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