Linsey Levine is the founder and CEO of Lindsey Shae Consulting, a legal consultant for small business owners. She knows that as a small business, conventional legal services can be expensive and aren’t necessarily crafted to our needs. With this, she has created services that are made to protect small businesses and allow them to continue to grow their businesses.

In today’s episode, I interview Linsey asking her all of the absolute must-knows that small businesses need to know when it comes to anything legal.

Listen to the episode now:


  • Why you needed to implement a contract, like yesterday + what should be on there.
  • The first steps to take to protect your small business legally + avoid big conflict.
  • Whether or not to trademark your business.
  • The biggest mistakes small business owners are making with their legals + how to avoid them.

Small Business Protection with Linsey Levin‪e‬

February 4, 2021


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