Are you ready for some serious systems & operations in today’s podcast episode with Dubsado Queen, Nicola Peters?? We’re chatting all things operations & systems using specifically Dubsado.

If you’ve ever listened/watched/witnessed one of my self-proclaimed Ted Talks on systems, then you’ll know that Dubsado is behind 100% of the client systems we have at Current. I’ve said a million times before, it’s the most important way to scale your business.

If you feel like you’re constantly writing the same email over and over, have trouble following up with leads, your on-boarding process is a mess or non-existent – this episode is for you!

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Dubsado: Start now with 3 free clients!

Listen to the episode now:


▪️The first steps to implementing SOP’s in your business.
▪️Who should be using Dubsado and why it’s pertinent for your success.
▪️Mistakes you’re currently making in your processes that’s losing you $$$

Dubsado 101 with Nicola Peter‪s‬

January 20, 2021


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