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3 Ways To Use Intuition To Succeed In Business


3 Ways To Use Intuition To Succeed In Business

“the only real valuable thing we have is intuition” – Albert Einstein.

Little whispers, goosebumps, a feeling in our gut, intuition; we all have it. The question, however, is not if we have it or not, it’s if we choose to listen to it.

How many times have you said, “I knew it!” or “I had a feeling”? That’s your intuition speaking to you and that reaction is you not listening to it.

You can choose to ignore the hunch and not go with the gut feeling, but at the end of the day your intuition is a tool that can help avert problems and implement soul into your business.

An intuitive person listens to the signs their body and soul is telling them.

“Intuition is what sets apart the brilliant from the average” – Lewis Howes

Here are 3 ways to use intuition to succeed in business.

1. Establish Values

Pick your top 3 values that are the most important to have in your ideal client. For me, mine are open, available and appreciative. Every time I get off the phone with a potential new client, I go through this simple checklist to see if they meet all of the criteria.

Did the conversation flow smoothly? Did they ask for a discount? Would I hang out with them? These are all questions I answer when I get off the phone, but mostly, how did I feel? Am  I excited to get started? Do I already have ideas or am I already stumped?

When you’re doing something that aligns with your values it’s easy to get creative, so really think about how your top 3 values and how they make you feel when working with someone who aligns with them!

2. Follow your vision

You started your business or went on your career path because you saw into the future and knew that this was the path for you. It’s okay to change the journey you take, but don’t waver from your vision.

Stick to what it is you want and don’t let others try to get in your way. You’re uniquely you and that’s what makes your business so amazing, so continue to follow your vision.

3. Notice your emotions

Pay attention to the clients that fill you up the most and the work that gets you excited. Do you get excited when you filling out spreadsheets and dread posting on instagram ? Start paying attention to the work that you love and then the stuff you don’t like to do, delegate. Even hiring someone for just 5 hours a week to take care of the stuff you don’t like doing will not only save you time, but energy too.

I know for me, when I have to do business stuff I don’t like (like invoicing and incite reports) it literally drains energy right from my body and takes the creativeness from me. Dramatic? Maybe. But I know there’s someone out there that loves this stuff and my time is way better spent designing logos and websites.  

When it comes down to it, being an intuitive business owner means putting your emotions before dollar signs. You want to do the work you love for clients whose purpose you believe in, and you’ll be able to do that when you get real with yourself

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November 26, 2018