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3 Ways To Set Up Your Home Office For Prosperity


3 Ways To Set Up Your Home Office For Prosperity

Your home office is probably the room you spend most of your time in other than your bed when you’re sleeping. Because of this, your home office or space you work in, should be a sacred place that allows creativity and inspiration to flow freely.

When you enter your home office or work space, you should feel a surge of energy and inspiration immediately cultivate, and feel that you are deserving of all the desires you wish to achieve. I truly believe that what you put into the universe with intention, you will get back and this is definitely the case in manifesting prosperity.

In this post I’m sharing 3 simple ways to set up your home office for prosperity, but I’d first like to touch on what manifesting is and why it’s important.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want – love, wealth, freedom, anything that you desire, putting an intention behind it and taking action.

Whatever you think about, you are manifesting into your life. If you’re constantly thinking about what you don’t have, that’s what will happen.

Why it’s important?

Manifesting is important because you’re able to see all of the possibilities and you’re able to channel that energy and thought process into creating what you want.  

By manifesting what you desire, you’re taking charge of what you want to happen and showing the universe, and yourself, that you’re not messing around. You know what you’re working towards and WHY you want it, which gives you the extra drive to keep moving forward.

Here are 3 ways to manifest prosperity in your home office or space right now.

1. Clear the clutter

Not just clear the clutter from your desk, but from the drawers, closets and bins inside your office.  If everything is out of place and scattered, your office can give off a daunting aura, rather than a bright and inviting room.

5 minute action step: Take time to sort through old papers, throughout the trash and clear out drawers so everything has a place.

2. Sage

Sage is an herb that is known best for clearing out stale or negative energy ina space. At least once a week, maybe on Monday mornings burn some sage around your office. Only burn the smudge stick when you are in a good mood & feeling open to opportunity.

5 minute action step: Purchase this smudge stick off Amazon or go to your local store and buy one or burn the one you have now.

3. Turn your desk

This is one of the most practiced feng shui tactics for your home office. If you desk is facing the wall it’s a symbol of cornering yourself. In order to manifest prosperity your desk should be facing the room, so as to symbolize you taking command of the room.

If this isn’t possible, facing your desk under a window is a great alternative.

5 minute action step: If you have a desk, which I’m guessing you do, turn it around so it’s no longer facing the wall.

Other ways you can manifest prosperity in your life:

  • Essential Oils: different essential oils can help with different things, such as, colds, prosperity, love , but no matter what, they’re a great non toxic addition to your home. These are the non toxic essential oils & diffuser I use.
  • Plants: can never have too many plants!
  • Keep important things off the ground. Your purse, laptop or anything that involves you making or keeping money should never touch the ground!
  • Ask the universe! Do you need a certain amount of money for a vacation? To feel secure? Ask the universe for it. Meditate, talk about it, think about it, breathe about it and make it specific, the universe really likes that


I hope this helps you in setting up a home office of space that manifests prosperity. If you have any questions about the practices or products I use, don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll be talking more about it on my instagram.

Note: some of these products are affiliate links but are all products I use daily and have in my home. I only suggest non-toxic, healthy products I think you’ll benefit from.

November 12, 2018

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