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How to Set Goals for the New Year


We’re approaching the end of the year, the time of goal setting, business planning and trying to get all of our shopping done. I don’t know about you, but the last few months of every year feel like a whirlwind and before I know it, it’s the new year! I’m always disappointed when it’s January 2nd and I haven’t set any goals yet to accomplish the first month.

A little back story, I LOVE new beginnings. A new year, quarter, birthday, all give me a sense of renowned awakening – a time to start over. I set goals for the whole year, for each quarter, each month and then every day I have top priorities I want to accomplish. Setting goals are not only a way to feel successful, but to also celebrate all the work you’ve done!

If you own a business or have a side hustle there is so much to do, it’s overwhelming to choose a few things to accomplish, especially if you have big dreams (which i’m sure you do!). Maybe you’re feeling scattered, like you can’t get anything done or you have such a long to do list, you let things slip away because they don’t fit into your schedule.

If this is you, I’m going to share some strategies on how to set goals and the resources I use to set goals I can accomplish.

Set Yearly Goals

These goals can be both personal and business (they benefit each other), and action steps to reach these goals. Make sure they are realistic goals that HAVE A DEADLINE. For me, if I don’t give myself a deadline, I won’t do it! Set these goals and then create a list with all of your goals for the year on it and at least three action steps that will get you closer to that goals.

For example, say starting a YouTube channel is one of your goals. First, set a deadline of the day you want to launch the channel. Then create action steps, such as, design channel art, brainstorm ideas for the channel and create a teaser.

By creating these action steps, you give yourself clear and defined steps to work towards your goal!

Check in quarterly

Sometimes when we set goals for the new year, they don’t end up pertaining to you or your business the fourth quarter of the year. At the end of each quarter, do a reevaluation. If there’s a goal on there that doesn’t make sense anymore, change it! The most important thing about goal setting is to not feel trapped. If it’s not something you want to do anymore, switch it out with something that makes more sense to where you are in your business at that time.

Daily Top Priorities

As a fellow business owner, I get it. Some days are too much to handle with everything under the sun to accomplish, but not enough time to do it. These are the days you start ten tasks and don’t finish ANY of them. How frustrating!?

Either every morning or before you’re finishing up the day before, write down your top three priorities you want to accomplish. Within these top priorities, make sure they align with some of your yearly or quarterly goals. Ask yourself, “will checking these off my to-do list help you get one step closer to your goals”?

Get a calendar!

I am such a visual person, so getting a calendar that allowed me to write my goals and give them an end date was a total game changer. My calendar has my whole life in it and I would be totally lost without it! Even if you’re not a visual person, write it in your calendar on your phone and set alarms for when your goal deadline is approaching. Put your action steps in there and anything that will remind you that your goals are important.

Setting goals can be tedious, and honestly very intimidating, but if you take the time in the next few weeks to really sit down and think about what you want to work towards in the new year, your personal and business life will benefit greatly. Goals give you something to work towards and will only grow you or your business to be better.

Resources I use to keep my goals in check

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December 19, 2017

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