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Brand & Website Design for Wellness Businesses

The 5 Pillars to DIY-ing a Stand Out Wellness Brand

From misaligned to converting

Actionable steps to DIYing a wellness brand that books so you don’t waste more time (or money) while trying to change the world. 

I'm sharing the exact strategies I've used to design 20+ wellness brands that bring in dream clients and make an impact online.

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Hey you, I'll let you in on a little secret...

It is possible to easily DIY an aligned wellness brand without breaking the bank.

"What? Are you sure? But everyone says.... " yep, I know what they're sayin', but during this masterclass I'm going to show you exactly how to do it.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

The exact strategies I've  used to design 20+ wellness brands that book dream clients and make an impact online.

How to create a color palette and font guide for your brand and exactly how to use it to create consistency online. 

Define who your ideal client is and create content that converts your IG besties into paying clients. 

Every step to take to easily write your website content to convert site visitors into discovery calls.

How to create consistency online to build trust with your audience. Because consistency = trust = $$$

What it means to design a purposeful brand and how you can do it in just a few hours to make $10k months.

A brand that books dream clients on autopilot

Hot Mess online

Wasting time and $$$$

Blending in and being basic

Consistency queen that's  recognizable through fonts + Colors

A road map on exactly where to focus your energy

A stand-out wellness brand that aligns, connects + Converts

You can stop the endless Pinterest color palettes and random templates on Canva, because you'll go from...

Repping a misaligned brand

Hi Friend, let me introduce myself;

Like most people, I was told you go to college, get a job, and live happily ever after, but I quickly realized the cubicle life was not the life for me and began my own unconventional journey of searching for my "purpose". I am sharing my story from cubicle to CEO and proving that you CAN wake up every day loving what you do and make money doing it.

I'm Olivia, your brand design guru who helps conscious doers create soul-fulling brands that align with their mission, connect with their audience and attract infinite abundance - all while sipping mushroom coffee and wearing their favorite pair of lulu's.

Through intentional design, creative strategies and purposeful story-telling, I am a vessel that helps wellpreneurs create a life of freedom and abundance and make an impact online.

Because of my passion for self-development, belief that the universe knows the way, lover of all things movement and obsession with helping people live their happiest and healthiest lives, Current is like no other design studio out there, because I live in the wellness space with you.

Whether your wildest dreams are to host a yoga retreat in Bali, write a book, travel the world, work 10 hours/week or a shopping spree at Lululemon, I can help you applies the branding strategies to make those dreams your reality. 

This free masterclass includes

1 mini training

A 15+ pg road map

Your Q's Answered

Your brand guru spilling all her secrets on DIYing a stand-out wellness brand.

The exact road map you need to take to DIYing a brand that books.

Action steps

You will start to take action IMMEDIATELY - we're done wasting time.

No such thing as a silly question! I will be answering any Q's you have.

A proven method

Sharing the secret ingredients to your ultimate brand green juice

For the past few years I have been designing wellness brands that align with the mission to change people's lives, connect with dream clients and convert to high-level sales (think 5 figure months). For the first time ever, I'm sharing the EXACT STRATEGIES I've used to design these brands and showing you how you can DIY your wellness brand without investing in a custom designer. 

I believe a beautifully consistent brand is what is keeping you from exponential growth and alignment in your business, BUT with the proper guidance on how to DIY your brand and knowing exactly where to start, I believe you can easily turn your IG besties into high paying clients.

We're in a time where we need you now more than ever and have no time (or money) to waste on trying to YouTube and meditate  your way into making an impact online. I've designed brands for emerging thought leaders in the wellness space, and through this masterclass I am sharing exactly how you can become the go-to guru in your space.

 "A design guru with a branding gift that is so incredibly hard to find"

Beth, Health Coach

 "She created a brand that not only aligned with myself, but my ideal clients as well"

Angela, Coach

 "Thank you for helping us create a unique platform to help change people's lives"

Tony, Personal trainer

It's time to ditch the late night YouTube watching, endless Pinterest color palettes, inconsistent Canva templates and searching for the right guidance. and embrace an aligned brand that connects with your ideal clients and books on autopilot.

When you're changing people's lives, there's no time to waste.