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Website template designs with your intention in mind.

You're ready to take your business to the next level, but you're not quite ready to make the investment in a brand designer. But what if I told you to have a beautiful, cohesive online presence where you can easily convey your purpose and impact others, doesn't have to come with a custom price tag?

I created these template easily editable, no coding required website templates for conscious doers, like you in mind. It's your mission to help others live a happier and healthier life, and it's my mission to help you do just that.  

Whether you're a yoga instructor, life coach, personal trainer or nutritionist, these templates were made specifically with you in mind, so you can illuminate your impact online. 

Ananda Yoga template

A simple, bright & holistic website template made by a yogi, for yogis.

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You're not just a business owner, you're a soulpreneur meaning there is so much passion and depth in the way you run your business than most - I get that. As a yogi, manifestor in human design, vegetarian and oracle card reader, I understand not only the ins and outs of your business, but the impact you're trying to make in the universe. 

Designed with your intention in mind.

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Intuitive Wordpress blog set up.

Drag & drop, no coding customization


Drag & drop - no coding required!

Whether you're new to DIYing your website or not, Showit allows you to be completely creative by drag and dropping everything into your site. No fancy codes or courses need to be taken in order to make a website that is fully aligned with your business. 


Why Showit

What I love about Showit


Creative freedom

If you can dream it, Showit can make it happen - literally! There is so much creative freedom with this platform, which allows you to creatively express your impact to your visitors in a unique way. 


Why Showit

What I love about Showit


Always there support

Unlike many other platforms, you don't have to ready a forum or never get ahold of someone because Showit has an amazing support team that is always there to help. Within 24 hours you will speak with an actual person that can help you with any questions you have.


Why Showit

What I love about Showit


Wordpress blogging

Okay, don't let the word Wordpress scare you - trust me! Reap the benefits of the Wordpress blogging platform WITHOUT the annoyance. All you have to do is write out your blog post and press publish and your blog post will be in a perfect template without having to update a single thing. 


Why Showit

What I love about Showit