Because I work ONLY with health and wellness businesses, I've put my expertise in designing these templates with your business in mind! 

Designed specifically for wellness businesses

You don't have to be a design genius to make this website template your own! Just add your images and copy and DONE - it's that easy!


Online course with step by step videos helping you edit your website, best marketing practices, entrepreneur mindset advice and alt. design ideas!


About Lily Anne


Lily Anne is a website template made for the vibrant life coach with a positive attitude that wants to change people's lives. With a 1:1 coaching page that has multiple program options and a mastermind page, this template is perfect for new and seasoned coaches alike.

If you're ready to start bringing in clients that want to change their life, then this template has everything you need!

This template includes:

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A fully customizable website template in the Showit platform you can purchase here! Please note that since this is a digital file all sales are final.

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Why the Current Shop?

I created this template shop so that I could help more people who help others make an impact online, without breaking the bank. Now, more than ever, we (as in the human race!) need you conscious doers to get your message out into the universe. Each template is intentionally designed with your industry in mind, with elements that are created specifically to your niche to make . you stand out, attract the right clients and to make an impact online. 

Every template includes...

An online course showing you how to customize your template, Copywriting videos + entrepreneurship mindset hacks

A completely customizable website template for your specific category in the health + wellness industry

LIfetime customer support

While designing these templates, I used the same strategies I do with my custom clients. Not only do I work only with wellness businesses, but I live in this space every single day.

The Video Trainings

Immediately when you purchase a template, you get access to the launch lab, which is full of step by step videos on customizing your site, copy writing tips, marketing and email marketing practices and general entrepreneur advice like mindset and habit ideas!

Easily customizable with

How to videos showing you how to customize your site.

Mini trainings on Mindset and business hacks.

Alternative font pairings and color palettes to really make the site your own.

Best practices for email marketing in the wellness space mini training.


Drag & drop - no coding required!

Whether you're new to DIYing your website or not, Showit allows you to be completely creative by drag and dropping everything into your site. No fancy codes or courses need to be taken in order to make a website that is fully aligned with your business. 


Why Showit

What you'll love about Showit


Creative freedom

If you can dream it, Showit can make it happen - literally! There is so much creative freedom with this platform, which allows you to creatively express your impact to your visitors in a unique way. 


Why Showit

What I love about Showit


Always there support

Unlike many other platforms, you don't have to ready a forum or never get ahold of someone because Showit has an amazing support team that is always there to help. Within 24 hours you will speak with an actual person that can help you with any questions you have.


Why Showit

What I love about Showit


Wordpress blogging

Okay, don't let the word Wordpress scare you - trust me! Reap the benefits of the Wordpress blogging platform WITHOUT the annoyance. All you have to do is write out your blog post and press publish and your blog post will be in a perfect template without having to update a single thing. 


Why Showit

What I love about Showit

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