Grinding away on your computer designing beautiful brands, websites and illustrations for your amazing clients - and you love it. You've built a successful studio and now you're wanting to scale even more, stop working 60 hours a week and grow your team, but are unsure exactly how to get there.

Designed to Scale is the only mastermind out there specifically for brand designers to refine and scale their design business past 6 figures in an intimate setting, while also getting support from like-minded entrepreneurs. 

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And it doesn't have to be lonely. Designed to Scale was founded on passion to help designers scale their studios past multi-six figures and by the end of this journey you’ll have the tools you need to step into the CEO of your agency without burnout + with streamlined goals.

During the next 6 months together, we're going to completely transform your business by implementing systems, client processes, internal structures + leadership skills to not only make more revenue, but work less hours.

Scaling an agency is harder than any business model out there.

Designed to Scale is an intimate 6 month mastermind geared towards six figure designers who awant to step into the ceo role of their agency.

Implement the systems to scale your agency so you're not the bottleneck of everything that goes on in the day-to-day.

Have a streamlined client process that runs on its own + leaves clients coming back for more projects.

Internal structures + systems to easily bring on new team members with exact responsibilities when needed.

Develop an omnipresent marketing strategy that is not just on Instagram, but on all platforms your ideal clients are. Think: PR, partnerships + guest articles.

Establish time management skills so you work on growing your agency + not just in the day-to-day of client work.

You'll receive the support you need to:

I need this

Imagine If:

You scaled your agency to multi six figures with ease because you have the right systems + processes in place.

You are able to take a week of vacation knowing your team can handle your clients + projects professionally without you.

You are positioned as a thought leader + are invited to speak in coaching groups, on stages + other educational platforms.

You have a group of tight-knit designers to lean on for business advice, to celebrate wins with + raise your vibration as a CEO.

"Surround yourself with people who force you to level up"


This is not a course or a 30 person mastermind, it is an intimate incubator for designers to thrive in becoming the CEO of their agency. You're not just receiving support from Olivia, but from the other high-level designers in the cohort + guest experts.

Each call is a comprehensive training on different topics, as well as an open discussion answering any questions you have. You have direct access to Olivia + the Current team to help you scale your business, which includes templates + an inside look at our internal structures. 

You'll receive a client portal with bonus trainings, call recordings + call notes with action steps to take. You'll also receive a comprehensive yearly goal planner + templates needed to run your business. You can expect to have a brand new design business that feels balanced, aligned + elevated.

What to expect

Establishing your brand (not just your client’s) by nailing down your niche, refining your product suite and defining where to focus your business.

Your brand

Implementing the systems you need to scale from solopreneur to CEO. On/off-boarding, scheduling, invoicing, client process and all of the things! 


Goal setting and vision planning for the year
Getting comfortable with your numbers and a system on how to track your goals

Your goals

Mindset and productivity resources, tools and training to leverage your success,  and time-management skills to step into the CEO mindset.


Marketing strategies and content creation that's not just on Instagram (!), so you book the RIGHT clients consistently.


Knowing when to hire a team, how to go about building your team and how to show up as a great leader.


Establishing a luxury client experience from on-boarding to what to do with the design files to wrapping up a project that keeps clients coming back for more.


Because this is a mastermind, you'll have full access to asking me questions on anything that's going in your business.

& More!

“A mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from other group members.” While I will be leading the group calls and setting themes for each month, we will mostly go by what everyone needs the most help with! These are just a few topics of what we’ll be working on during our time together.

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The Structure

2 Monthly group calls

1, 1:1 monthly call with Olivia

Unlimited voxer support

Private group slack channel

The Perks

Business templates I use to run my studio

12 month business blueprint

Small group setting for maximum support


About Olivia Sylvestro

Since starting Current Design Studio three years ago, I have had an affinity to sharing everything that I’m learning throughout my entrepreneurship journey. Whether it’s a new trick on Illustrator, client software or a productivity hack, I can’t help but share what I’ve learned with others - it’s in my blood.

Over this three year journey, I have doubled my revenue every year and now run a thriving multi-6 figure design business. I’ve spent many hours googling “how to scale a design business” (actual words I’ve typed) and Designed to Scale was created to help you skip that Google mess and go straight to the source.

The best piece of advice I've ever gotten:
“find a mentor that has the exact business model you want to have”

Why? Because they will share their business model with you. A lot of my success, I attribute to the investments I’ve made in group coaching and mentorship because of everything I’ve learned directly from those who have done it before me. And that’s my promise to you. In Designed to Scale, I’m sharing everything I’ve done to build Current Design Studio to what it is now. 

 This is not a course, this is not a 30-person mastermind, it is an intimate and transformative collective of designers ready to scale to 6 figures and beyond. I am committed to it being so. 


I need all of the help, how much will I get?

What's the application process?

Should I wait for the next one?

What is the investment?

Designed to Scale starts July 2021 and goes for 6 consecutive months. Limited spots available, so apply now for a discovery call to see if you're a good fit.

When does the program start?

I need all of the help, how much will I get?

What's the application process?

Should I wait for the next one?

What is the investment?

This is a high level, intimate mastermind made for motivated designers who are serious about scaling their design business to 6 figures and beyond. This is an investment that will transform your life and business. Apply now to learn more.

When does the program start?

I need all of the help, how much will I get?

What's the application process?

Should I wait for the next one?

What is the investment?

Why wait to scale your business? (Just sayin'!)

When does the program start?

I need all of the help, how much will I get?

What's the application process?

Should I wait for the next one?

What is the investment?

Please apply using this link and if you're a good fit, I will reach out to book a call! Because it is such a small group, I want to make sure every person is a great fit.

When does the program start?

I need all of the help, how much will I get?

What's the application process?

Should I wait for the next one?

What is the investment?

When does the program start?

You will get all of the help! I will be sharing the ins and outs of my business, everything I've learned and looking at your systems and processes to help you specifically scale your business.


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